Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Evil of Two Lessers: Rauner and Quinn for Illinois' Governor

Neither of these two men are stellar candidates, but Rauner
seems to be someone who won't care for the average Illinois
resident; he lines up solidly with the 1% instead...are there
numbers large enough in that 1% to win him the election on
Tuesday? If even one out of four of the advertised allegations
against him are accurate, he indeed is not fit to be governor,
as one TV ad concluded. --Heavens! Rauner-owned nursing
home abuses, threats against one of his CEOs, etc. These
charges, cited in Illinois mainstream media, are extremely
troubling. Curiously, the very same newspapers reporting
Rauner's bad actions also are endorsing him...don't their
editorial boards read their own expose's?  I'd vote for myself
for governor before voting for this guy, who has ZERO
legislative experience.  

That only leaves Governor Quinn. Yes, he has made mistakes,
particularly regarding his unconstitutional 2014-2015 Illinois
Budget address, but his misdeeds pale in comparison to
Rauner's. Quinn has always had the little guy's interests
at heart, going back to his consumer advocate days. He
has never been money-mad to the detriment of every other
important consideration, which matters to me.

So we here in Illinois have the Evil of Two Lessers in our
choice for governor--my vote is for Quinn, the better of
the two lessers.

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  1. Well stated as usual Amber.

    It is ironic. There are some big time politicians like Governor Quinn that once were champions for the people. There are also former thugs or people that used to be with some un holsome, un cola groups, etc back in the day that are now establishment, elite, big time pols, etc..Not every thing or one gets better with time.

    Tomorrow many will go trick or treating. I respectfuly say enjoy , be careful. Remember this is not the good old days.Also you may want to look into the true history of halloween..

    You may want to do the same as I mentioned above regarding THE POLITICIANS you vote for( OR NOT vote for) NO MATTER WHAT THEIR PARTY.Not every thing that meows is a cat. I know of three nice , smart lovely ladies that meow better than any cat . In these times when more are OPENl trying and succeeding in controling us. LOOK before you leap into their corner..