Thursday, December 18, 2014

Will Renewed Relations Benefit Cuba--Or the U.S.?

Congratulations to our president for issuing a legacy-
enhancing normalization of relations between our two
countries. But as a Cuban American I am wary,
reflecting on our troubled history there since 1898,
when Spain lost Cuba at the end of the Spanish
American War. Decades of U.S. multinational
corporation dominance in Cuba, Mafia involvement,
some Senators taking a prostitute-filled vaycay from
frumpy wives, etc., all speak to the big bully
browbeating the little guy, Cuba. History is filled with
such examples. Will we go that way again?

I'm trying to remain hopeful, holiday wishes and
dreams being what they are. Perhaps we have
learned the necessary lessons, will be a better
neighbor this time around...

" ' Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished."


  1. Yes. Congratulations to Cuba and all the people of the land. Lets be hope ful and prayer ful. I feel America needs to Improve all relations with ALL of our neichbors. In these times we all need each other.

  2. I believe that your concerns about the United States' history with Cuba are well-founded.

    While I share your perspective on normalizing relations with our island neighbor, I can't help being skeptical about our motivations.

    Corporate America wants it to happen, and what Corporate America wants Corporate America gets. For starters, I'm concerned about the effect that US agri-business could have on Cuba's agriculture, which I understand consists largely of family-managed organic farms. Consider what happened in Mexico when corporations like Monsanto and ADM began making inroads there with their genetically-modified seeds.

    That's just one example. Yes, I support normalization. I think it's long overdue. Nonetheless, I'm worried --- more about the Cubans than us!

  3. OH DAN! You said THE M word MONSANTO! How true! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!