Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Buy Online--It May Be Safer

After the two shooting deaths reported at tony Nordstrom's
on Chicago's Mag (supposedly for magnificent) Mile, I had
a stray thought: why buy at big stores, where conceal and
carry nuts can enter and behave criminally, crazy? Answer:
If possible, buy online. The chances for violence with this
method are extremely rare, thankfully. No crowds, no
crazies, what's not to like?

So the two killed, a domestic violence situation played
out in public, purportedly were in love...some love!
Obviously the guy was obsessed. Real love does not
act this way; generally there is some concern and
caring for the other's welfare. This man cared nothing
for anyone's safety, merely male ego gone wrong.

This holiday, for peace of mind, why not buy on
line? It's likely to be much safer.


  1. I agree. I have said it and in many ways been doing so for some time. Virtual credit card on time use numbers can be used.

    Many do not care about other humans. Be it private citizena not bothering any. Law properly doing their job.

    It seems to me Amber decent not bothering any one people are being abused even more now. I feel it will get worse.Bullets do not discriminate agains race, creed, economics, etc. I once 20 years agocould have got a stray bullet that could have killed me FOR GETTING THE MAIL., Same thing could have happened if I had left where I was living for an appointment just a few minutes early. I dowdled as I was just over the flu. That dawdling saved my life..

  2. I suppose that we could live out the shank of our lives as semi-hermits. We have a gun-worshiping culture that's been running amok; anyone could get whacked anywhere --- in the street, on a bus, in a school, as well as any public place including an upscale department store.

    While this is no consolation to the devastated families of the people who died, there were no random victims this time.