Monday, January 19, 2015

I am Not Charlie--and Neither is Pope Francis

...because we can distinguish between normal free
speech matters and relentless ridicule of a world-wide
religious figure.

Charlie Hebdo simply wants to make its rep by
inflaming passions--even if it incites violence.
What, are they angling for that bad blast back to
the past, religious wars?

Let me explain this so anyone can get it:
some concepts are beyond law or legalities.
Most people will willingly obey ordinary legal
behavior, but many regard their religious
convictions above conventional law. Whether
this is right or wrong I won't debate here--but
this phenomenon is observed fact. Only
dangerous and irresponsible persons persist
in ignoring reality with such tactics.

Charlie Hebdo has no legitimate reason
to spoof  The Prophet, Jesus, Buddha, etc.
(other than cheap, degrading attempts at
humor).  They should confine themselves
to addressing problems of the day, or the
well-known human foibles...but being
unendowed with even my cat's sense of
self-preservation, they probably won't.

I am not Charlie Hebdo, and according to
a recent speech, Pope Francis isn't either.
Some internal media restraint would not
go amiss.

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