Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Disses" and "Disses": Moderate Republicans vs. United States John Speaker Boehner in the U. S. House

At least, at last! As I've been predicting, the elected
moderates will rise and turn, join most of the sensible
people left in America--and reject you, Mr. Speaker,
now that you have shown the entire world that you think
you have more power than a PRESIDENT, for golly
sakes. I'm so happy the moderates in your party have
openly DISAPPROVED of your latest, most serious

Breaking protocol as you did, by inviting Bebe Netanyahu
(Israel's p.m.) to the U.S. without first informing the White
House finally yanked the scales off of anyone's eyes with
half a rational brain left. (By the way, has anyone heard
from Grover Norquist lately? How many loyalty oath
signatures has he had signed by members of the U.S.
House recently, hmmn?)

It was racism married to jealousy and hubris, pure and
simple, which propelled you, JOHN, to DIS our
president. I'll make this personal: you aren't as smart,
well-read, educated or even well-liked as Mr. Obama.
Spoiler Alert, withering sarcasm ahead: [As John wrings
his hands: Oh, horrors! A Democrat, a Black man,  is
our president, what to do, what to do?? Why, I know,
we'll stall every action emanating from across the aisle
and the White House, embarrassing and hurting the
entire country, no less, BUT, who cares?? It's all about
ME, me, me....] A few conscientious Republicans,
however, did and do care.

I'm trying to find a video of this major turning point
in DC, and keep it as election season rolls along...
I'll also be spreading it around, as hundreds of others
doubtlessly will...

Disapproval vs. disrespect, a powerful counter-
balance in this era of political and philosophical
extremes. Perhaps now we can get back to
work and fix our ailing nation.


  1. Yes!! EXPOSE them. What a way they are starting out in 2015.

  2. Gotta admit, I wasn't aware of an actual walkout. I'll have to do some catch-up with the news. Regarding those moderates, good for them! It would be nice if there are enough dissenters to give His Orangeness second thoughts about following through with this potentially toxic event.

    1. I may have misheard a radio news broadcast, CBS am a few days ago. I'll keep searching.

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