Thursday, May 7, 2015

Formaldehyde: From China, With Love

Do any of you recall the news some 30+ years back, when
formaldehyde was implicated in negative health effects from
being included in flooring, walls, and--Palmolive Face Soap?
Various infotainments recently blared more "formo" news in
our products, but this time, sent from our creditor China.

Frankly, I don't trust China's intentions. She is a very old
society, distinguished chiefly by her fecundity and very
violent, authoritarian "solutions" to internal/external
problems...over millennia. That is not what I'd term true
civilization: kindness, caring, willingness to negotiate, having
respect for life, especially children, is advanced behavior,
worthy of  the description, civilization. (--Granted, by my
definition there, civilization never has had a significant run
on the planet anywhere.)

Why did the United States allow itself to become so
indebted to such a suspicious society? Because Nixon
opened communications with China back in 1972?
Communicate, yes, negotiate, yes--but not the inextricably
intertwined, intimate relationship we now "enjoy" with

Hark back to 2007, when China imports included such
friendly items as the Emerald Ash Borer, lead in baby bibs
and cat food, ad infinitum. With "friends" like these,
who needs enemies? China may well be playing the
patience game, wearing us out slowly via economics
and harmfully defective imports...then, voila! China
rules the world, to everyone else's sorrow.

Ah, their latest gift, Formaldehyde: From China,
With Love.


  1. Well I checked as thoroughly as I could .I do not believe my new floors they put in are from Chiba.
    Frankly it seems THEY HATE OUR GUTS AND WANT TO well DO US great harm!.

    Many things from china.My GOD! Quite frightening!

    On another different not , HAPPY SPRING every one!!

    1. Happy Spring to you and yours as well, Les. All the best; may the good force be with you!

  2. Thank you Amber.

    Same to you.

    In these times when many in and out of our country seem to want to snap on us we need the good force GOD with us.

  3. Rather than there being a purposeful effort to do anyone harm, I believe that an appalling lack of safety standards of any kind is the real culprit. It seems as if the corporate poobahs in China can do pretty much as they please without concern for government supervision. I don't think that they have any greater regard for the health of their own workers than they do for overseas consumers of their toxic products. It's all about maximizing profits, folks. Sound familiar?

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