Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bernie Sanders, China, Isis, et al.: This World Isn't Working Well

I'm chagrined at Bernie Sanders' lack of realpolitik:  he has
proven he is too old to hold high office by declaring himself
a democratic socialist. That philosophy won't fly here in 2015.
The United States in the 1930s did seriously entertain a swing
toward Socialism, as the unions were forming and gaining
political strength, set during the Great Depression largely
created by the irresponsible rich. But by the 1950s, post war
prosperity and the G.I. Bill dialed down super left fervor,
which only briefly reemerged in the 1960s, a very humane
and progressive era which finally, formally recognized
African Americans as full citizens.

Sen. Sanders has his humane dreams, and bully for them,
but he simply should have shut up about his self identified
democratic socialism. The U.S. is a mixed economy, having
some "socialistic" features such as libraries, schools, police,
fire departments, etc. It is also the home of arrant capitalism,
where rules of law and decency are broken every day. The
good senator should have merely pushed  his progressive
agenda, NOT labeling himself with a radical left term,
ruining any chance he might have had to become president.
He is, sadly, too old; attempting to resurrect the 1930s
proves the point.

China, in increasing its military goals and  driving her
hegemony over increasingly large areas is cruisin' for
a bruisin'--the U.S. is flexing its South China Sea
muscles even as I write, via the TPP and some "much-
needed military exercises".  Our nation doesn't realize
we no longer run the planet, which creates foolish,
dangerous, deadly and costly failed foreign adventures.
China, though, thinks she has a shot at  world
domination, will pursue it, spurred by her
overpopulation problems...stay tuned.

Isis, a la Sen. Sanders, is conducting a blast to
the past--the far past, where caliphates ruled
vast swathes of the Middle East. Murder is the
fast track to ultimate rule, and Isis is making
some impressive headway there. Again,
stay tuned.

I feel keenly for the young, the other animals,
the plants. Even beyond natural disasters,
humanity is the chief planet killer. The dark
side of our natures predicted such sad doings,
occurring currently and previously. But as
Professor G. Tyler Miller in California explained
in the 1970s, Earth has reached a tipping point
(also agreed to by demographer Paul Erhlich)
which won't be easy to back away from without
a massive, concerted effort, which I don't see
on the horizon or at the end of any tunnel.

This world isn't working well: where is the
help and grit we need?


  1. With all due respect, I believe that Sanders' self-description as a socialist doesn't really dampen peoples' interest in him. Younger voters in particular don't harbor the same sort of negative connotations of the term "socialism" that we grew up with. Bernie knows that his nomination is a long shot, but the issues he is raising do resonate. Despite the mass media's portrayal of Sanders as an extremist, his policies regarding such concerns as Social Security, tax fairness, and consumer protection couldn't be more mainstream.

    If we're really so concerned about Chinese international domination, the architects of the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership (TPP) and its boosters need to excise the plan's most toxic components: especially the Investor-State Dispute Settlement Provisions (ISDS). The ISDS allows corporations to sue sovereign states for lost profits that could result from enforcing statutes that protect labor, the environment, and the Internet among other things. Attempting to outdo China in a planetary race to the bottom is not the answer. Over time, the most exploited nations on earth will discover that they have no friends. Nobody cares!

    Think ISIL to the power of ten!