Thursday, January 14, 2016

"Investor" Carl Icahn Must Have Heeded Sammy Davis Jr.

--When entertainer Davis memorably said, after some
challenge or other: "Because I can".  After the infamous
investment irregularities (criminal scandals) of the 1980s
by Boesky, Icahn and Milken, good ol' Carl must feel
time alone has washed the dirt clean out of his character least, image-wise, at least, forgetting that some
of us old crows out here have a long memory.

Sadly, I do not regard character change improvements
as a major phenomenon, meaning that most adults don't
change much, although some surely (-thankfully!) do.
The proof in the pudding for me and some others in
this current political/financial USA scenario is ably
demonstrated in who supports whom for president:
Carl Icahn is advising presidential candidate Trump.
(Frank Sinatra sang a song castigating moral laxity
called Anything Goes; almost all of our Laissez Faire
capitalists positively subscribe to the sentiment in the
wording of this tune, alongside Ayn Rand's "Objectivism"
here in 2016.)

Another "all for the conservatives and the rich, the rest of
you, take the crumbs falling from our tables and go" candidate
Ted Cruz, born in Canada, similarly has such an adviser,
an Anything Goes spin-clever songster, Harvard-home
ensconced Prof./Atty. Laurence Tribe.  Tribe's clients
have often been organizations and individuals who are
comfortable with the recent, highly illogical Supreme Court
decision which allows corporations the same rights/freedoms
as persons, indeed, are now "legally" regarded as persons...

But wait! The Guardian quotes Prof. Tribe on Sunday, January
10th, informing us of his "life-long" liberal credentials, noting that
he had President Obama as a law student, which is merely
proof that he taught Mr. Obama, nothing more.  Laurence
Tribe says that in our first few decades as a nation, Cruz
would not have been constitutionally qualified, as the then-
understanding of "natural born" citizen comported with
the document as originally written--this explication is currently
called "originalist" scholars' theory, contradistinct to those
termed "living constitutionalists", ergo, Tribe's "broader
interpretation"--but the U.S. Constitution has not been
overturned as of this writing; neither have these Articles,
II and V, been amended to allow any citizen to be elected
president. They still stand. What simply can't continue are
people stating with addled assurance that modern times
justify trashing the Founders' intents.

Our society is so skewed, this professor of the "Liberal"
Laissez Faire school has had heaping piles of awards
conferred upon him, supposed proofs of his utterly
incontrovertible intellectual rigor/worth...

Please, not so fast, folks, let's form our decisions/actions
with telling questions:
Because we can do a thing, should we?
Does absolutely anything go?
Is there, indeed, at last, no shame?

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  1. How ironic Amber Some of the most evil people I will not mention themhere, Weknow who they are, From crooks, to mass murderers, to some of DA BOYZZZZ! of the investor crooks of the nineteen eighties feel( BECAUSE I CAN! ) When will more of the American people ( NOT just a minority ) Wake up and stand together and STAND UP, so NO THEY CAN NOT any more? That is the sixty four trillion dollar question.I feel we may have a long wait on that .

    Do a little research readers. The BOYZZ! the Milken bunch are alive and well With new disguises. What goes up must come down. Nothing, even infamous, CROOKED, etc, goes on for ever. That is good to realize. Have a great day!