Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Donald Doesn't Partake of Give and Take...

He surely can dish it out, but how he howls when similar vitriol
is served back to him. Can such a man effectively run a large,
major nation such as ours? Without one shred of objectivity,
without any ability to empathize with the exigencies of others,
almost utterly lacking in a relevantly large factual data base,
how would he lead? I can't help but apply terms like fascism,
dictatorship, oligarchy/autocracy to Mr. Trump's presentation/
manner and stated goals. "Make America Great Again": yet
another slogan, devoid as it is of any cogent meaning, moves
masses of the unthinking, the largely untutored and unread. All
of them, Donald plus his devoted entourage, are a danger to
themselves and the rest of us.

--Read and heed! Except for well-functioning nuclear bombs
and an agribusiness providing the USA with the least expensive
food in the world, we are not number one in any of the leading
indicators that deem a society as great: low infant mortality
rates, real wage growth, stable jobs with benefits, investment
stability, infrastructure maintenance and expansion, high literacy
in the arts and sciences, etc. All the "patriotic", expostulatory
ego-thumping of  a Trump and others is meant to obfuscate, Oz-
like, so as to deny/hide our reality from us...while elevating the
nakedly amoral ambitious to tax-paid power positions. --Sweet!

So, how to fight phenomena like this? One disheartening example
comes from France, a nation that refused to acknowledge, for
decades, that they had lost their world-preeminent position. The
United Kingdom is another. But we can admit to what's true and
attempt to build bridges to the rest of planet Earth so as to avoid
coming to blows. (I hope we still have enough time to work out
such a survival strategy.)

No one who lacks the essential, effective qualities of give and
take can lead an enlightened charge toward peace, prosperity
and all the other characteristics that could make America better,
even truly great again; you aren't the one, Mr. Trump, neither
you nor your slogan can get it done.


  1. Amber. Dr Willie Wilson an independent democrat, So called seems interesting. I could deal with Bernie Sanders. DrCarson seems controlled like the nineteen sixties Lost in space robot Not his own person, Hillary LORD NO , too many smoking guns around her. Trump Has and is AWAKENING THE RABALS, and Rebels, The unusual macontents. God help us I feel if he wins. Mr D at THE store and I had a very interesting conversation about the up coming election. Time will tell who us left standing THE TWO come November..


    Have a great day! God bless.

  2. If the Republicans manage to unite behind one candidate in opposition to The Donald, then Trump is toast.

    In the wake of New Hampshire, I'm surprised that none of the media observers seem to be focused on John Kasich.

    I believe that he's the only Republican who, if nominated, could defeat Clinton or Sanders. (However, I wouldn't support him, not because of the "R" after his name, but instead owing to his policy priorities).