Monday, September 12, 2016

Charlie Hebdo: Unkind and Tone Deaf In France

After Charlie Hebdo re-created a Danish-drawn newspaper's
cartoons of  the Prophet, one  with a mushroom cloud in his
headdress, radical, violent "members" of the Muslim faith reacted,
murdering 12 staff at "Charlie". The world rushed to sympathize,
citing free speech ad nauseam. There were outcries of "I am
Charlie Hebdo"--which sentiment I did not share, saying so in a
past blogpost.

I am unalterably opposed to murder for any reason; it is NEVER
acceptable, even if killing is justified on occasion to save a life
or lives. That doesn't, however, excuse the insensitivity shown by
these cartoonists on more than one occasion, exhibiting a
penchant for the philosophy of "anything's all right on our altar
of humor". --NOT SO, say I!

Demonstrating the inhumanity, coarseness and cruelty the
paper is so famous for, Charlie Hebdo lampooned the ~300
victims of  the recent earthquake in Italy's Apennines Region,
going so far as to draw lasagna layered by prone legs of the
stricken sticking out feet first. Such "outspokenness" outdoes
Howard Stern, making him look like a choir boy in comparison.

Even worse, Charlie responded to earned criticism via fb,
" Italians, it's not Charlie Hebdo who has built your homes,
it's the Mafia". (--Proving that this "newspaper" lacks  English
excellence, since they substituted "which" with "who", the paper
not being a human being, also referring to itself in the third
person, ugh.)

I'll repeat the following until I die:
Because one can do a thing, should one do so?
Often, the wiser way would be to refrain/abstain.

Charlie Hebdo: Coarse, crude, and definitely defiant,
still unkind, ugly and tone deaf in France.

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  1. C H. Running off at the mouth,Making enemies and flirting with danger in these dangerous times!