Friday, September 9, 2016

Secretary Clinton's Executive-Worthy Performance at "Commander in Chief Forum"

Yes, I will still actually hold my nose November 8th when I walk
into the polling place, voting for Hillary Clinton as the next U.S.
President. But no attentive student of public affairs can fault her
excellent handling of all comers the other night, broadcast  on
NBC TV.  From skeptical audience members of all stripes
as well as Matt Lauer, she had her integrity and experience
challenged. Yet she remained measured, cool AND warm.
(You can figure that only an apparent paradox out.)

She DOES POSSESS the requisite temperament and
experience to hold our nation's highest office. Her possibly
serious missteps should have advanced her steep learning
curve with respect to studied judgement--which I hope
she will employ if she does become the next Chief Executive
come November.

Trump, meanwhile, continues to spout ludicrous and out
of control statements. He clearly has misogynistic views,
recently revealed yet AGAIN. Should a mere woman
hold high office? The Donald strongly implied "NO" just
a few days ago. His campaign sent me a survey which
I will dissect in subsequent posts; I can't wait to trash
this embarrassing example of a "man"!

Meanwhile, thank you, Secretary Clinton, for your
entirely executive-worthy performance on NBC.


  1. Well said Lady I mean Amber..Better for one to hold their nose and vote for secretary Clinton than place a bag over our head and put on a straight jacket and vote for THE ELITIST Trump...

    1. Thanks Lester, you made me laugh yet again. How are you and yours? I hope you all are well. Fall is upon us, my favorite season...enjoy!

  2. In these times I guess some laughter is fine. The last blog I postedmentions an incident HORRIBLE some loved ones were involved in Friday. Many other challenges. Life is good and where there is life there is hope Amber..

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