Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tough Reality Check for The Don's Pledge of Better Heartland Jobs

...and wages, according to Reuters, "Politics",
November 10th, 2016.  I strongly urge one and
all to read this article; its bottom line concludes
that even if Mr. Trump had the ability to change
the trade deals he claims Clinton devised to ruin
America, any improvements "would be at the
margins", would be slight. Several economists
are quoted in the piece, reminding people that
~40 years of automation, technology and
offshoring manufacturing jobs won't disappear;
it's almost impossible to "shift the needle", "...
"to turn back the clock."

Here are a few hard-hitting questions for the Don
and crew, assuming they are actually serious about
effecting such a massive blast to the past:

(1) Where will the money come from to build the
factories required to give the blue collar workers
jobs they used to have? Will the Don tax the
Koch Brothers, et al.?

(2)  These purported products created here at home--
who will be buying them? --Only Americans? What
about trade and debt imbalances?

(3)  Can the U.S. become totally self-sufficient,
insular, thumbing its collective nose at the rest
of the world?

(4)  If the USA could become completely
self-sufficient, as it was well over 100 years
ago, what would the implications be for
international relations (i.e., defense)?

(5)  Has Mr. Trump made any provision to
combat other nation's invading us via hack?
In view of China, Russia and others hacking
our web, the disabling of  our infrastructure
and utilities are real possibilities. For those
who read and view documentaries, such
threats are all too real and potentially

I'll continue to lob hard balls at the media,
the politicians, the addled, uncaring rich and
the desperate/deluded poor, as Albert Einstein
advised: "Never stop asking questions."

--Questions, the best reality check. Let's polish
them up and put them to the elite and the elected
...but the rest of us must review and reflect
as well.


  1. Amber I wish President elect Trump all the best( Even though I did not vote for him)

    However I feel He MUST quickly begin to walk the walk and talk the talk. I have been aware of Donald Trump for nearly 20 years. Most articles I have read where he was interviewed, Talk shows, radio interviews, etc, etc. When I have read of his BUSINESS dealings. When I watched some episodes of his famous tv show I have always observed the following behavior from Mr Trump, Cockiness, sarcasm, aggression, AN ELITIST ATTITUDE, waffling,( Said on thing to one person, then something else to some one else.In general very negative attitude. The attitude of ( HEY HE HAS MONEY, POWER , CONNECTIONS, HEY DO NOT MESS WITH HIM OR ELSE! Almost THUG , GANGSTER LIKE!

    Now he says lets let by gones be by gones. Lets work together. He wants and needs All AMERICANS help and involvement, etc. WELL HE HAS TO PROVE IT!

    As a child I LOVED SHOW AND TELL! Amber, I still do I try to show and tell people how I realy feel and what I am all about, etc. I Like and expect the same from others. Too many LIKE MR TRUMP say one thing, then demonstrate by his attitude, life style SOMETHING else.

  2. Lets Make sure our congress and senate people STAY ON HIM! Those of us individuals that want to STAY on our president elect. KEEP HI ACCOUNTABLE to WE THE PEOPLE, NOT THE ELITE minority.