Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Troops Us Closer to Disaster: the "Win" is a Loss

November 9th, 2016, 2 a.m. Chicago time:

Yes, as I feared for months, back to Summer, 2015, well
before Trump won the Republican Party's nomination, the rabble,
roused, rising, now reigns. The disaffected, the low-class,
uneducated/educated  white males plus their odd minority and
female fellow travelers, they have all won.

So what exactly is the nature of this win? Destabilization has
already reared its ugly head; the financial futures market has
dropped sharply just two hours ago. World leaders who
previously asked our diplomats "Is Trump crazy?" will
now find out.

                    Errors Revealed and Reviled:

(1) Trump's knowledge of our global village only
exists in the arena of luxury hotels and golf courses.

(2) The new president thinks he can return the planet
to pre-President Clinton days, before NAFTA, before
DA-ESH (ISIL), before Brexit, Syria, et al.

(3) Watch for a wave of extreme Executive Orders
and Presidential Directives issued by our new president say nothing of ones on the books, such as
PD 59, which "legally" allows the U.S. the privilege
of a first nuclear strike.

I am ashamed of everyone who voted for the Donald
and supported him in any way. It is clear now,
inescapable, really, that this is STILL a racist,
insular, sexist, trashy and delusional country, an ever-
accelerating reality here since the Allies won
WWII...a denouement which has brought
us to this travesty of an election.

This Trump win troops us ever closer to disaster,
a downward spiral in a nation not willing to admit
it must relinquish its former "number one" status,
or show the proper respect to the rest of the
planet--which DOES, by the bye, possess
very effective means to retaliate, through
trade, through military realignments and
other international mechanisms.

This world and this country have lost in
the early hours of November 9, 2016.
May God help us, as we were unable
to help ourselves.


  1. No one can treat HUMAN beings like something worse than trash. Every aspect of their life shows THEY ARE STUCK UP, EVIL and totally ELITIST, SEPERATIST, Possibly into EUGENICS, or worse.

    Then win an election and expect EVERY ONE to just forget about all that NEGATIVITY spewed at them He had better understand that fast I feel Amber..Have a great day! GOD help us. Be very sober, focused in these times I urge every one!

  2. One more thing. As a NON politician, NON so called establishment one, President elect Trump when he takes office will do and must do something many or most past Presidents have not done. What? DELLIGATE.Foreign policy, diplamatic issues, even some issues at home.I feel Mr Trumps VP will be VEY BUSY dealing with issues President Trump is un skilled and or unwilling to deal with.

    As a BIG CORPORATION/business man.I can not help feeling that he will PUSH FOR CORPORATE control, PRIVATIZATION in many areas,( I E , SOCIAL SRCURITY, OUR POSTAL SYSTEM, ETC...