Monday, April 10, 2017

Boycott Unfriendly United Airlines' Skies

The shady but permitted practice of overbooking flights
has hit a new low, according to the New York Times,
April 10, 2017. Yesterday, flight #3411 had overbooked;
officials asked for four volunteers to exit the plane so
that airline employees could embark. One man was injured
by United's private police in an attempt to forcibly remove
him. Hey, airline execs, do you not realize the PAYING
CUSTOMERS must be put first ahead of employees who
ride for free??  Put your people on other flights, dummies.
Memo to Charlie Hobart, United spokesperson: I don't
care how "politely" you all asked people to leave the
plane--your PR statement, policy and practice are as trashy
as they are indefensible.

There are, at minimum, several serious concerns

(1) How is it legal to sell the same seat twice?
(2) Why would employee convenience trump that
of  paying passengers?
(3) What sort of "major" corporation hires police
to remove passengers who have done nothing
(4) Why has Congress ignored this problem?
(5)  United Airlines, are you so tone deaf regarding
your image that you will continue to pursue this wrong-
headed policy?

Dear readers, why not teach United Airlines a
telling, bottom-line lesson--boycott their
dangerously unfriendly skies. If sufficiently
outraged, why not call your U.S. Senator and
House Rep requesting this practice be outlawed?

You can bet I will.


  1. Well stated Amber!

    Since the bafoons over booked , all they had to do was approach passengers BEFORE they got any where near the plane and inform them of that fact!

    Now UNITED will be sued, boycotted etc! Some may even refuse to go to BASKET BALL OR HOCKEY GAMES at THE UNITED CENTER! If so this will be unfortunate since those teams had nothing to do with THE UNPROFESSIONAL, evil United officials ordered commmited against the Doctor on the plane.

    America seems more like a communist country every day.

  2. Ps. Employees of United airlines should never TRUMP passengers! Sort of reflects the spirit of the current WASHINGTON DC administration!