Thursday, April 27, 2017

The New World According to Trump: You're on Your Own

Dismantling environmental regulations; changing the corporate
tax from 35% down to 15%; eviscerating the National
Monuments Act; wrecking health care law for the elderly and
those with previously existing  conditions--

Exactly how many more examples should I list before the
inescapable conclusion can be drawn?  We are on our own
out here from now on; a more benevolent society we have
enjoyed for many decades is quickly disappearing in the
interests of the rich and corporate America. Clean air
becomes a privilege, not a right; open natural areas, the
national parks and monuments, the envy of many another
nation, can slowly be converted to development. Good
access to good healthcare will become the rich's right,
God help you if you've had heart trouble or cancer --or--
are simply old.

Well, hear ye, Trump et al., we are not going down easy,
no indeed. We will fight, especially looking toward the
upcoming elections of 2018. If anyone has been watching,
Republicans in the U.S. House are awakening, albeit very
sluggishly, to the realistic threat that they may well lose their
current hegemony there. Some of this has filtered over to
the White House, where somewhat more conciliatory PR
and temporizing on previously  inflexible goals (the Wall and
healthcare) has been heard...

But be ever vigilant: realize we are on our own out here.
It behooves us to study, to be effortful in objecting to the
stripping away of our humane and aesthetic rights and

While we still can.


  1. In a country where REGENTRAFICATION seems to be the rage. Where THE ELITE are exposed and in force. A VERY powerful MINORITY the ELITE ARE!

    Yes more of us may loose HEALTH CARE. More of us NON ELITE may some day soon have difficulty affording a place to live.

    There are those people in our society and world that feel THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE. Not there kind of people. Get the message? Enough said.

  2. P S. The cost of food and other essentials seems to be rising faster than peoples income. the cost of LIVING is so high and is rising steadily I feel. For most BUT NOT FOR ALL. NO PROBLEM for the ELITE. Amber do we have health insurance or DO THE HEALTH insurance companies HAVE A HOLD on us? Oh we should say SICKNESS care not health care.