Thursday, June 29, 2017

Cheating Wife as Tone Deaf as She is Selfish

About a week ago a woman wrote in to an advice column
complaining that her two best friends "couldn't understand"
why she had cheated on her husband for the past ten years.
She sees the other man twice a week, sometimes travels
with him, while still living at home with the husband and
their children. It is entirely illuminating to all but her that
adultery is not something to be admired or accepted.
It is also ironic that she chose to use the word "cheating"
to describe her own lifestyle.

This cheater plans to avoid her two female friends, thus
escaping opprobrium. She terms her affair something
pleasant, like chocolates and fine wine. This woman
acts and speaks as if she is entitled to anything she
wants--what an unfortunate example to her kids!

I admired the columnists' tactful restraint in issuing
her response, simply stating most people would
not "understand" such a situation either.

The tone deaf of this world number far too many.


  1. Sad to say Amber. Immoral , many would call sinful behavior is considered normal by many.NOT BY THE COMMANDER!The things even a legally blind person like myself sees regarding people Married, dating, etc Flirting, OPENLY cheating. Then they smile , giggle, etc. Laugh it off.

    I have had to walk away from friendships, some relatives,neighbors, CHURCHES due to open ,or undercover immoral behavior . Then the perpitraitors tried to drag me and or others into it with them. No way!

    Some more famous pastors have stepped down in some churches recently.Many see wrong is right and right as wrong. Indecent proposals are all too common out here. God help us!

  2. MANy will even PRESENT THEMSELVES to ANY ONE like an animal in heat!Movies, many in the media, etc, seem to condone this. I am listening to old time radio on wgn NOT doing nauughty stuff on the computer. I know SOME out there have dirty minds.