Saturday, July 1, 2017

Morning Woe With Morning Joe

It's official: our president prefers personal attack action to
actually running the country. Invective fired into the twitterverse
characterized the two MSNBC's anchors with unacceptable
salacious, misogynistic low class language. Trump exhibits an
embarrassing lack of  dignity and gravitas at these moments,
which are becoming more frequent, alas.

This man singlehandedly has lowered our standing all across
the globe, a danger to safety and stability.

The Agent Orange in the White House has learned little
indeed in his time there--how long will it take?
Meanwhile, morning ( afternoon and night) woe with
your morning joe  is guaranteed.

1 comment:

  1. Well stated Amber!

    Readers. Please research AGENT orange.To see how DEADLY it was! How it has and is effecting former vietnam soldiers and their families lives. So The Head person in the white house many call him agent orange WHAT DOES THAT TELL you about him?

    Many ELITE like THE HEAD man in the white house have an ( I DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANY ONE BUT MYSELF AND MY CLIQUE attitude!0 Many ELITE BIG shot types are sociopaths!
    A DOG while never purr anda baby can not sing opera.