Friday, September 29, 2017

September's Natural and Unnatural Disasters

Texas, Florida, Mexico and Puerto Rico--all hard hit by severe
natural disasters, all except Mexico may be partly caused by
climate change. So much heartache and damage in one
month is just too much. It is encouraging, though, to see
so many rush to help the stricken in these unfortunate places,
kudos to them.

Now on to the unnatural disasters: Equifax, Trump and Un,
all three of them holding all our lives in their irresponsible,
incompetent hands. Equifax should be sued and outlawed
out of existence, Trump and Un deposed for all their
sabre rattling warmongering, replete with military menace.
Think of the vast improvement that might bring!

I'm not certain what each of us can do to ameliorate
these threats, but whatever we can, we must.


  1. WELL STATED AS USUAL! A BIG RIGHT ON to your statement EQUIFAX should be sued etc!How sad and ironic in these times by the SECOND most of us HIRING an attorney on retainer IS NOT AN OPTION.

    In all ways . SPIRITUALLY, SUPERNATURALLY I feel we are going through much difficulty. It will i fear get much worse before it gets better I fear even our speech and writing many are trying to squelch.

  2. A few more comments please? I have personally had my issues with ALL 3 credit bureaus Amber. I feel WE ALL need to be cautious regarding all of the credit reporting companies.reporting companies and the Fair issacs company( FICO SCORE providers) A new better system I feel needs to be created. It will not any time soon I fear.

    For several reasons I will not go into OVER THE INTERNET HERE I am more quiet Amber. I listen , watch more now.Say less , comment lessall over. Watch as well as pray. Take care.