Monday, October 2, 2017

October 2nd, 2017: Las Vegas: Open Air Security/Safety Impossible to Achieve

--Especially in a setting like last night's Las Vegas horror, an
open air concert with high rises surrounding the venue field.

Several realizations strike me about such a scenario: Once
a person has successfully checked into a hotel with large
weapons, securing the area on the ground below becomes
impossible. This hotel dropped the ball on security--how
do you not question what's inside  a large, long narrow
box? Even with all 50 states allowing conceal and carry
(some permitting open carry), private companies and
businesses still have the right to control security on their
premises. How were 20 weapons allowed into the
Mandalay Bay hotel??

Now that it is obvious how easy it was to kill so many
in such a situation, copy cats will and around
the world's biggest cities.

Meanwhile, memo to any other murderous malcontents:
just kill yourself FIRST, as long as you plan to commit
suicide anyway. --Leave everyone else ALONE.

Perhaps military grade weapons will now enjoy greater
legal scrutiny-- why does an ordinary citizen need them?

Again, major hotels must do their part to stymie such
terror--don't let suspicious packages and boxes up to
the rooms! The few dollars lost by turning away these
"guests"/customers are more than offset by avoiding tragedy
and maintaining a good and safe business reputation.
(How does the Mandalay Bay Hotel overcome what
happened there?)

I plan to avoid crowds and open air mass festivities,
since safety cannot be assured. I don't agree with the
philosophy that "all this won't change what I do", etc.
Whatever one can do to be more safe, to leave less to
chance, is a hell of a good idea.

Las Vegas, we pray for you in this dark, sad hour.

P.S.: The media (ABC, CBS, NBC) apparently has
not queried the surrounding high rises as to their check
in security measures. I saw only one woman, Val at ABC
Chicago Windy City Live, pose this concern, albeit


  1. Well stated Amber. Itotally agree.

    It was stated on several Chicago radio and tv stations the man they say was the shooter in Las Vegas had booked a room OVER LOOKING THE MUSIC FESTIVAL LALAPALOOZA last summer But never checked in. One can only image WHAT he may have intended to do!

    Nice GUYS as many have called him DO NOTbuy guns in install BUMP DEVICES on them( I think that is what they called the device that turns rifles into simi automatic weapon. I wonder how many knew or strongly suspected what tha man that did the shooting in Vegas was up to.

    In general when near high rises or large complexes( I E SPORTS STADIUMS, ETC ) individuals IF THEY DECIDE TOGO TO SUCH PLACES( I have long ago cut back on going to such places for several reasons MY SAFETY being number one! WE HAVE TO WATCH OUT FOR OUR SELVES, , for our friends and family. DO NOT ASSUME some one or agency etc will or will do a good job keeping private NON ELITE citizens safe and secure!

  2. Ps. Another example of how others should not be depended on to keep us safe. Look at the young woman that went to some PARTY?in a hotel in the western suburbs and strangely ended up dead in a freezer! NOW WE HEAR NOTHING about that story.