Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sexual Abuse Widespread in America: Not Just in Big Business, Entertainment and Politics

It happens in every setting one can imagine, I am proof of that.
I will list all the molestations, etc. I can recall, but I am bound to
have (--mercifully!) forgotten  a few:

--When I was eight years old, an eight year old boy forcibly
mounted me, aping the sex act in our grammar school
cloakroom. Guess who got into trouble?

--When I was 11, my next door neighbor's 19 year old relative
made me pull down my pants to see what color my pubic hair was.
I was too afraid to out him because the adults in our two adjoining
houses would have closed ranks against me and I knew it.

--When  I was twelve, the local shoemaker molested me
 repeatedly. Guess who got into trouble?

--When I was 16 a Catholic priest, called by a  neighbor
to help troubled me took me into her bedroom, closed the door,
and forcibly "french" kissed  me. Again, I did not report this.

--When I was 18 my boss at a dry cleaners did more than
touch my breasts. We worked alone, no other employees.
I quit.

--In 1969 my supervisor at the main branch at our post office
kept touching my backside. To avoid my large husband going
down there and giving him what for, again, I quit the job.

--In 1969 I was taken off the street by three men and sexually
assaulted by just one of them (--thankfully!). Even though he
had a gun, I outsmarted him by suggesting we go out for coffee,
actually ordering coffee, then ran away...

But all of this has cost me, psychologically, and I bet, millions
of other women as well. Obviously far too many males can't
control their private part urges. Do they care to?

It happens in the law office, in Congress, the doctor's office,
everywhere.  Be clear, all men do not behave this way--
but many men often do, and far too often, women
cooperate by not leaving the job if there is no redress.

I want to delve further into this extremely complicated, loaded
issue. There is widespread sexual abuse in America, at all age
levels and with/without threatened career implications.

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  1. Amber I am deeply sorry all these horrible things happened to you over your lifetime. I feel as the days go by more horror stories like this will be exposed!

    It is so horrible that poeople mostly women were so afraid FOR MANY GOOD REASONS they could not and did not speak up. Sad to say nothing would probably have been done dacades ago and still justice is not done regarding sexual abuse today .

    The events I can think back on were Having OLDER females( AT SCHOOL yeah I exposed them, Exposing themselves( Genitals, breasts, to me. Telling me they could show me interesting things to do orally and show me I was 10 11. I had a good friend he was seduced pulled into A LIFE STYLE of sexual perversion py a 19 year old woman, HE WAS 12. A neighbor flsshed for him then invited him over, the rest is a sad history. I could go on but will not. SEXUAL abuse, intimidation, etc IS A NASTY hidden culture now being exposed by the second!