Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Rich Running for High Office: Egos, He Goes, She Goes

But probably not to help most of us "everyday" people. No,
when the super rich but legislatively inexperienced toss their
hats into the ring,  rest assured it is to burnish their name/fame.
I ask: why are Chris Kennedy and J. B. Pritzker angling for
Illinois governor? Neither has held any previous political
office--Trump and Rauner, also without the proper prior
experience, now have records to comment upon, unfavorably,
in my book.

Heather Steans, also from an extremely wealthy family,
succeeded in nailing a post in Springfield, Illinois. She too
had no lower level political office earlier. Has she produced
significant accomplishments in the Illinois General Assembly?
Hmmn. I got insight into her character based on one short but
revealing interaction we had down in Springfield several years
back...her high disdain of me then was in marked contrast to her
"butter would not melt in her mouth" demeanor when I ran a
debate in Chicago (2008) between her and Suzanne Elder for
the post Ms. Steans now enjoys.

Here's what it's all about: these sorts want to be in the "club",
a rather exclusive one, apparently not satisfied to exert
influence with their foundations, donations, etc. The social
opportunities must be even better once they have political
power married to their money...if that is what one cares

Oligarchy has returned to the United States with an unbelievable,
unmitigated vigor and pace. --Race to glory, guys and gals!
Watching them contending to win with ego, there they go,
contests more frightening than amusing.


  1. Yes. Like a submarine in the depths of the ocean for years THE MIGHTY MINORITY THE ELITE are surfacing to TAKE ( even by force I fear) their place in the world as they see it! Look at ILLINOIS governor race also.

    On a personal note computer dead must use outside machines til I can afford another one. Take car Amber.

    1. Same thing for me, I must use the library pcs as my nine year old Vista just died. You take care and enjoy the holiday

  2. Sorry to hear that Amber. I got 8 years drom my DELL laptop. The boot test shows my hard drive is dead. Thank you Amber you too. Be safe out here.