Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ken Griffin, Illinois Multi Billionaire, Follows the Time-Honored Robber-Baron Prescription donating $127 million to the University of Chicago,
Department of Economics, naturally. His company, Citadel,
is worth ~27 billion; a hedge fund (remember, hedge funds
are virtually UNregulated) with a harsh boss, 45 souls have
been given  pink slips recently, merely for not producing
profit goals for a few months. 45 employees represents
about a third of KG's staff complement, so others will have
to work even harder amidst a flurry of new hiring--hmmmn.

Let's travel back in time to J.D. Rockefeller, HIS stern and
violent approach to capitalism; eventually, JD realized he
was hated (with good reason) by the many who knew about
his practice of hiring goons to assault his strikers out west, etc.
He and many of his fellow robber barons began to donate
respectably large funds to universities, hospitals and libraries,
feeling charity could wipe away some of the blots on their
escutcheons. Apparently such large contributions DO
get them press, largely favorable, to say nothing of the
oo-ing and ahh-ing, invitations to " A List" events.

I find it dispiriting indeed to hope for, therefore, work
for change, when far too many people still fawn over
the rich while conveniently denying or dismissing
the many pertinent facts about most of them--facts
which logically should engender skepticism,
suspicion and a raised eyebrow or two.

More disparagement describing the Oligarchs
will follow, bet on it.


  1. The ELITE MINORITY I heard even back in the mid nineteen sixties were going to COME OUT, AND RISE near the year 2000. I looked up the word elite, etc. Well fast forward decades later many decades ago predictions( PROPHECIES ) are manifesting themselves.

    Many ELITE people are FOCUSED, DRIVEN,ARE WILLING to unite with their fellow ELITE for a common cause, etc. Now the THEY ARE A GOD AND HAVE MORE OF A RIGHT TO LIFE, ETC than most others and many other traits of the elite I have a problem with.

    THE LITTLE people? That are really THE MAJORITY AND THE TRUE BIG PEOPLE in our world but MANY CHOOSE to not realize it . Many want to BE IN A CLIQUE, etc. So the filthy connected, filthy so called rich HEY THE ELITE WALK ALL OVER MOST OF THESE TYPE of people and will do so in stronger force in the near future.The I feel fourty year or so era of the civil rights movement was maybe one of the best eras in our societies. Because MORE PEOPLE got out of THEMSELVES and came together for THE GOOD OF MANY! Many positive things on many levels manifested from that era.

    Now we seem to be in an era when A FEW of us are crying in a wilderness. While many seem to be in a spiritual, emotional, social FUNCT world wide. Many get their courage from a bottle, drugs, or the confused cliques they run with.ETC, ETC. Lets hope more will rapidly wake up.

  2. TOO many are constantly falling in every way because they stand for nothing( OR THEY STAND FOR THE WRONG, PEOPLE, places, etc. )