Thursday, March 1, 2018

Young Parkland People Rising--the Right Age, the Right Time

It's not surprising that the Parkland FL teens are more
effective change agents than the small slain children
and their parents in Sandy Hook were--they are perfectly
positioned to achieve improvements in thorny gun
control practices/politics.

Again and again, it is now, always has been, about
power, how to have it, how to leverage it. The parents
in Sandy Hook were too destroyed by their tragic
horror to mobilize politically, which is the only way
to overturn bad law and policy in the U.S. short of
a violent, destructive revolution few would want.
But now, after the Las Vegas massacre and the
latest school shooting in Florida, the students
there recognize they are able to move the needle
on the dial toward a more sane policy--one that
other developed countries DO have.

              The  "Parkland Advantage":

(1) These students are either at voting age or very
close to it;

 (2) They are at the most physically energetic
they will probably be in their lives;

(3)  The brain power now available to these
young people is at its peak performance for life--
no accident that college is for  teenagers
and young twenty-somethings, by and large;

(4) This horror happened to THEM--not some
news item elsewhere to be ignored.

Conservative Republicans in the U.S. House
surely can't be insensible of the threat to their
upcoming re-election hopes. Ditto "Don T" who
has said he's not afraid of the NRA and advocates
significant restrictions as to age requirements and
bump stock purchases, etc.

Consider the time frame of our next nationwide
elections: every two years  U.S. House Reps
face re-election or removal. The students from
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High and their
supporters possess the best schedule possible to
mobilize, register voters, publish PSAs (public
service announcements), canvass, call legislators,
meet with them, more.

I predict these savvy, savaged kids will make most
of these actions a priority, which CAN change
stupid law and policy here at home. I hope and
pray they will not succumb to the flaws Occupy
Wall Street and their clones stumbled over, after
a promising start.

This is the right time, Parkland people/students:
Others will join you, keep rising!


  1. Yes. There is strength in numbers. I feel the biggest fear the ELITE have Amber is that the NON ELITE majority will wake up , rise up and in a positive way unite to solve our many problems and make a better life for us all.

    United we will stand divided we will fall.

  2. Ps. There is also protection and safety in numbers.