Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's Logic Got to do With It? Logic, a Secondhand "Emotion"

Tina Turner's hit often comes to mind when watching
the antics, policies,and justifications of governments
around the world, ours included. If logic, cause and
effect considerations WERE the rule of the day, every
day, well, there would still be volcanoes, but far
less violence, tragedy, wasted time and material

Please, I'm pleading for specificity, deeper research,
more thought before speech, all those virtues bespeaking
of demonstrable intelligence. All else reduces into
rabble/babble, eventually. Venting is ideal when we
feel more "air" than "heat", see the light.

Consider the logic; consider our common humanity.


  1. This is brilliant. May I repost this?

  2. Forgive my attention deficit. I wasn't ignoring you, just otherwise focused/occupado. Who knew that looking for a silver lining, or at minimum, something not in flux on which to take a stand, could be so futile.

    I've been getting much clearer messaging about what's wrong, and this post seems to be in the same ballpark. All yin; no yang.

    You can't have one without the other and you can't imbue one with all the goodness and the other with all the nasty. That defies common sense and logic, yet here we are. together. alone.

    Swimming against that tide requires another kind of optimism that I'm finding hard to vocalize. But I'm working on it. Now it's time to walk/bask in a little sunshine to recharge... later...

  3. Dear Cletis, by all means repost it if you
    like it, I'd be honored and pleased.
    Some technical difficulties happen to me
    when I try to go from here to the Book of
    Cletis, I actually have to go to Watcher's
    blog first to get there.
    Best, A.

  4. Dear Watcher,

    Thanks for writing, but I'm still
    worried about you, you sound more
    down than usual (easy enough to feel
    down in this nutty place otherwise
    known as Earth.)

    Hope to see you and your wife at a local "do"

    Best, A.