Monday, May 23, 2011

It's the Society, Stupid

After reading yet another article explaining the
arbitrary, unjust practices/philosophies of the current
corporate world's hiring, I became angry yet again.
Here are THE "NEW RULES" as designed by these people,
the very people keeping the U.S. unemployed at a
historic nine plus percent:

(1) Don't be old. This means you even if you're only
49. This is probably based on marketing's prime
consumer age range, 18-49. Retail generally considers
everyone else zombies, or at least unimportant.
This number was arrived at long ago, should have been
modified more recently in the interest of reality.
(But what's logic got to do with it, or even noticing
change, cause and effect? How about "rules" for that?)

(2) Don't be unemployed long term. Have these CEOs or
HR heads heard of the Great Recession of 2008-2011??
Do they understand that middle class college grads
can't leap at any "opportunity" of getting even low
wage jobs, for two very key reasons:
(a) employers don't want to hire them, feeling/knowing
they will leave as soon as a better job presents itself;
(b) middle class college grads understandably would
like to stay in their accustomed lane; moreover, need
to, as foreclosures and auto repossessions loom.

There were more "rules", but best to stop here.
Very few things still seem sensible in the U.S.
of 2011. The different parts which must fit together
in order to have a great society simply DON'T.
Yes, it was ever thus, let's look back at Shakespeare,
"the times, they are disjoint". But it's worse now,
if several recent decades are compared with this one.

Character issues abound; overall morality has definitely
declined. Hard-headed equals being practical, profitable.
Social mobility formerly meant upward, now mostly means
downward. Where's the blame? It's the economy, stupid.
Underlying that, far more troubling:

It's the society, stupid.


  1. P.S.: While the Ancient Romans were partying,
    having too much fun, THEIR morals and society
    declined, allowing the barbarians to overrun
    them. We are at that point now. Time left to
    recover? Not long at all. Effort required
    to accomplish moving away from the brink?
    About 150 million Americans' worth.

  2. "Nations are born Stoic and die Epicurean." Will Durant

    Amber, your beautiful thoughts will post at my blog after midnight. Thanks so much. You truly have a gift.

  3. To the troglodyte the erudite man is FOOD. (80s tagline)

    10,000 Americans are turning 65 every day. This will continue for the next 20 years. The anger is palpable. The demonizing is strong.

    Since history's been "revised", can a modern "trail of tears" be unthinkable?

    A back to the roots, Rising up angry movement is not only possible, but likely.
    Chavez wasn't spawned in a vacuum.

  4. Gentlemen,
    The two of you give a person reason
    to write. I wish the best for you and yours.

    There are answers, and we know what
    they are, mostly. If only they were
    quick, easy and inexpensive!

    Meanwhile, right-wingers continue to shoot themselves in the foot; do I see smiles?

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  6. To Underground Politics, welcome!

    I went over to your very attractive blog and will visit often.

    Love your hummingbird picture; I'm a nature freak and try very hard to live the good green life.

    Best Wishes, Amber

  7. Thanks Amber, I really like your blog. You make a lot of good and interesting points.

    I understand what you mean by the nature freak. The porch to my apartment is starting to turn into a jungle because of all the plants I'm growing :]

  8. Dear Underground Politics,

    I'm glad you have so many plants; maybe
    you could photograph them and post the
    photo to your blog, at the appropriate

    Thanks for the kind words; you might be surprised how much they're appreciated!

    Best to you and yours, A.