Friday, May 13, 2011

Sarah Palin's "Spudnut Moment" (-!)

--Finally! Is Sarah P the new Mrs. Potato Head?
There is no disrespect intended toward the little
shop in Washington State she referred to in an
endearing "small business, the heart of America"
lengthy, hectoring aside. She seemed to misread
President Obama's inspirational intentions and the
history of Spudnuts.

While making these mistakes, she included erroneous
summaries of the Cold War and the Soviet Union's end.
Nothing like being on a roll....

Tsk, tsk. She may be pretty, but all I see is
Mrs. Potato Head, also usually shown smiling.

P.S.: This further foray into coining new words
and punning didn't float: Sputnik vs. Spudnut?
At best, a spurious alliteration. (Hey, Sarah,
it's not "Spudnik", if that's what you're going


  1. Well, maybe she got confused. Highly improbable but just maybe.

  2. Hey, Cletis! I haven't been able to get
    on the Book of Jerry. I'll try again.
    Take care.

  3. Mrs. Potato Head does it again, in old historic Boston. Her remarks about Paul Revere's ride were 180 degrees wrong. She's not even familiar with the famous four word warning, "the British are coming!" In Sarah World, Revere was warning the BRITISH that we'd ring out bells so as to remain armed and free.--Brother! Then there's Michelle Bachman, who got the state wrong for this iconic ride. Who ARE these chicks??

    READ A DAMN BOOK, you ignoramuses. Both of you are embarrassments to the nation.