Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's Do It: Vote Out all the Incumbents

Hi ho there, congressmen! I foolishly expected
you to do your, was I ever disappointed.
But I DO have a strategy, which I will advertise
widely--vote out all the incumbents in 2012.

It's simple: why reward incompetence? The only
thing these nincompoops understand is a threat
to their power and position, simple enough to carry
out by voting in ANYBODY else.

After all, how could anybody else do a worse job?


  1. Why shouldn't congress join the ranks
    of the unemployed? They deserve to far more
    than most of those currently jobless.

  2. I'm still trying to figure out what it is they're trying to do. And why? The no-brainer part that they've done ROUTINELY 30+ times since St. Ronnie "fixed the glitch" to get government OFF the backs of the corporations?
    When we spent our way to prosperity to the cheering adulation of this country's pig-people?
    Raise the debt ceiling. "There I fixed it!".
    You've basically refinanced

    So what is it that's making this time different? The values are skewed making the dollar amounts irrational. It's like a bad infomercial. "A $14 TRILLION 'value'; yours for just $9.95!"

    So which way do you want to go from here?
    As one who remembers the real Reagan, (and, yes, LOATHED that guy too) we are fulfilling his ultimate wet dream for simpler days. He couldn't reduce or cut anything, so he began the process of making it blow up.

    Does it really matter who is allegedly representing the people? Once in D.C. their full-time job becomes that of sin-eater.

    My prescription is to flip the microscope. Make it a telescope and distance EVERYTHING from the gravitational suckhole that is Washington D.C.

  3. I'm all for voting out the people who are incompetent in 2012!

  4. Amber, you're forgetting America's other national deficit, critical thinking. Still, we can hope, I guess.

  5. Thanks, all! Have a great weekend. A.

  6. I'm voting for MYSELF for all the open offices in 2012; I couldn't do a worse job than the
    current complement of yahoos in DC. Civilized patriots they AIN'T.

    And the market nosedived down 513 points today.
    Confidence in the country, anybody?