Thursday, July 14, 2011

Politicians, Beware: 2012 Waits for You

The August 2nd debt ceiling deadline debacle rockets
ever closer. Solve it NOW, or see your legislative
careers end abruptly. Who will vote you back in office
if such a negative historic marker occurs, all just
because of politics? There IS enough money in this nation
to pay our damn outstanding debt, count on it. Why
should the super-rich remain untouched while everyone else
suffers? They're simply holding on to their kale, not
hiring, which would be the ONLY reason not to dun them
as they deserve. They made their fortunes here, let their
taxes reflect that. If this is the greatest country in the
world, let them contribute to it, not merely themselves.

If there IS waste, fraud and abuse, let that be exposed
and expunged, along with the massive incompetence which
ruins us by the hour. Both prongs of attack, raising revenues
and cutting any improvident spending, would resolve the debt
mess fairly quickly. But:

Lingering too long on extremist, ideologue positions while the
calendar marches on to August WILL have consequences.

To you.

1 comment:

  1. Fitzgerald and Hemingway:

    "Ernest, the rich are somehow different than the rest of us."

    "Yes, Scott, they have more money."