Saturday, March 3, 2012

Here at Home: Sorrow and Sympathy

More than 35 souls have lost their lives in this
week's pre-Spring harrowing of multiple, multi-state
tornadoes. Heartening, though, are the many stories
of strangers and family helping however they
can, the finding of loved ones and things.

Let's all rejoice in the "Remains of the Day", in
that we remain. Let's take good care of ourselves,
and each other, and keep on deriding every evil and
stupid thing we discover or recall.

My best to you all.


  1. You should tweet these posts. Your sentences are precise gems and stand alone. Would like to live nearby. We would have a bit of fun.

    1. Cletis, thanks for the kind words, as always. I hadn't seen you here for awhile, was worried I'd somehow offended, but you can always disagree here, that's why this blog is very open and loosely moderated.

      I've been thinking that maybe a few of us who come to your blog (and mine) could someday meet up in some central location: you, your wife, Rehctaw and his,T. Evangeline, Underground, Nate, etc. Now THAT might be a great time!

      But you and I, apparently, both have some health problems, so it might not be so easy to pull off. Best Wishes Always, A.

  2. Honey, I am honored to visit your blog. Just been weirded out lately. The "gathering" would be great fun but alas my traveling days are pretty much over. You are extraordinarily interesting.