Thursday, March 22, 2012

U.S. President or Pastor in Chief?

--Is that the question? To hear various aspirants
for the presidency, one can only wonder. Vying for
votes by appealing to our heartstrings' spiritual
longings is a morally bereft tactic for many reasons:

(1) None of the candidates on either side of the aisle
is an expert theologian, even if they're acquainted with
The Bible and are church attendees. Fame, power and
ambition are their more readily understood motives/expertise.

(2) We have presently REAL, tangible problems right here,
right now, which are the proper province of the elected.
It's obviously much easier to rile up emotions than to
knuckle down and fix this nation's ills. --Red herring,

(3) The hubris of (1) added to the bait and switch politics
derided in (2) don't describe devout or moral public
figures--figure they'll ever find that out about themselves?

But we will. We want to cast our votes for an intelligent,
informed, concerned candidate for U.S. President,
not a Pastor in Chief.

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