Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Limbaugh Sponsors Rush Away!

Here's to you, AOL! Apparently, Rush Limbaugh's
over the top trouncing attack attempt on Ms. Fluke
only redounded back on him. Even if he had a legitimate
point buried under all that hostility, all that one
remembers is the name calling delivered by vitriol.

Several sponsors are leaving Rush out on a limb, sort
of. Why is anyone surprised? He's always been quite
the little hater, but this last volley was just too
much; even those who might agree in principle had
to back away, some publicly.

The Pill IS mostly about preventing contraception
(-thank goodness!). But it also has been prescribed
for other medical reasons to promote women's health.
Rush doesn't care about that or very much else. Maybe
he will lose (at last) some of his following, 'tis a
consummation devoutly to be wished, as Shakespeare

Civility may yet have a chance. Here's hoping that's
no fluke!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Ahhh Happy Hubris...
    How quickly doth thou call upon Nemesis...
    And lo shalt Nemesis act...
    Uunrestrained by pity...
    And plunge back to earth the one whose pride would have him liken himself unto gods...

  3. Ah, A literary commenter! Now, of course, since I don't quite recall the source, I'll have to look it up. (That's always fun!)

    Yes indeedy, R.L., like so many, wants to be God. Sorry, Rush, "Saint happening"! (Thank goodness....)

    Stay well and keep writing. Quite a few of you here have the gift, lucky you!

  4. Haha actually, I made that up myself...

  5. That's why I didn't source it... hahaha.

  6. Well done! But there is a Nemesis somewhere...

  7. There is, Nemesis was the Grecian Goddess of retribution against mortals who commit hubris (being arrogant in the face of the gods. She'd be the one who really sent Odysseus on his journey, and sent Icarus plummeting from the sky). Figured the ancient myth was coming pretty darn true for ol' Rush... maybe the Greeks were right all along? Haha.

  8. ...in afterthought I've only just this moment noticed the even greater poetic justice that Nemesis is in fact a goddess...

  9. Dang it, Nate, there you go flaunting that diploma again. Some of us had to drop out to help our pa run off a bit of White Lightnin ever now and then.

    1. Cletis, quit makin' fun! You made me smile just now, after I made the mistake of watching Reservoir Dogs....Gritty is one thing, plot without pity is quite another.

      Hope y'all are reasonably well and happy.
      Don't watch too much of the Republican
      "he said, he said", all the dangerous and
      inaccurate banality could drive one mad.

  10. Haha, my apologies, it was merely my poor indoctrinated and snobbish brain at work...