Thursday, May 31, 2012

Expect Experience at Bain Capital to be the Bane of the Unemployed

I know, I know, others got to this obvious pun on the
Mittster's previous business experience way before me;
nevertheless, its catchiness has deep legs. How does
this man and his supporters say, seriously, that his Bain
Capital resume would help a putative president Romney
create jobs? So laying off 750 employees at one point
in this merger acquisition, highly leveraged, dependent
on personal philosophy-styled environment is a job
CREATION dynamic? --Double speak is what it IS,
there's no "depending on the definition of is" possibility.

If Mitt's background involved a small start up, say,
initially employing less than ten but expanding over
time to 100 then 1,000, I could somewhat support
his contention of positive, applicable experience to
help the U.S. in its lingering, dispiriting unemployment
malaise. "Somewhat" is the correct qualifier, as private
enterprise has rarely helped the average citizen in
economically troubled times.

It has been the U.S. government at the highest levels
which created mass work projects and advanced the
technical and living standards here: who doesn't know
that? Right wingers "probably" (that's as far as I'll accord
sense to them) do, but just don't like it, as they simply
have little interest in lifting all boats, or helping people
they don't know and don't like (-strangers). Of course
they can't say so publicly, but how does double speak
serve to get them and theirs elected?--Only if ~60%
of voters have IQs below 100.

-Who authorized the Hoover Dam? --Employing untold
numbers? President Hoover, (R)
-Who authorized the U.S. Highway system?--Employing
untold numbers? President Eisenhower, (R)
-Who authorized national public works projects in the
'30s-'40s depression era, employing many thousands?
President Franklin Roosevelt, (D)....
[Just a reminder, the Great Depression ended BEFORE
the U.S. entrance into WWII in 1941.]
The list, the details and the caveats go on, but just this
small citing should be enough to give the lie to the liars.

Even being properly wary of prognostications, things
looks good for Mitt to be "it": he'll flub much in
his debates with President Obama, perhaps (-please!)
give the Republican VP nominee spot to Mr. Trump.
Anyone's sustained experience tells everyone else
what sort such a one is: Mitt and money?
Romney puts capital over community, almost always.

Beware the bane of the unemployed if this Bain Capital
product becomes president: he'd also be the pain to the
best and the rest of us.

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