Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"My Cabinet Made Me Do It." (--?)

No, Mr. Obama didn't actually use this phrase publicly
(as far as I know), but it immediately popped into mind
after I'd been following his "evolving" on the issue of
whether to support Equal Marriage, as his VP did, and
others in his administration have. Where is his leadership,
or even exquisite use of language the man is often lauded
for? He seemed weak and evasive, frankly, and I feel
he was delaying his answer due to a protracted political
calculus concerning his re-election. (But better late
than never....)

This president is an improvement over his predecessor,
yes, but a saintly visionary?--No. He is all too human,
too interested in being popular, not courageous enough
to try Lyndon Johnson's moves (or even Ralph
Yarborough's) to be effective. Both of these Texans
were masters at bringing both houses of Congress to
heel when they deemed it necessary. Thanks to them,
Lyndon in particular, African Americans were accorded
the full legal and political rights as citizens denied to them
for 100 years after a war had purportedly decided the
question...and after brave blacks took to the streets to insist
upon what was long overdue.

But the various, venal and vicious vapidities abound: why
does anyone think they have the right to say what consenting
adults do, as long as these adults aren't harming anyone?
--Finding something offensive or distasteful or strange doesn't
harm those who hold such opinions; it's high time everyone rises
to that realization. Why is traditional (hetero) marriage said to be
"under attack"? (The gay community is NOT actively seeking
to recruit you or anyone else, Mitt, get over yourself!) Must
everyone walk in lockstep, looking alike, quoting and adulating
the same books and practices, reminiscent of Communist
Chairman Mao and his little Red Book?


I'm tempted to vote a straight Green Party ticket in November--
After decades of the two establishment political parties I'd like to
try something else. But no cabinet (or cabal) will be
making me do it.

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