Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not Nearly as Good as Takeout: Outtake Outrage

I've been mulling and muttering for over a week about the latest
atrocity by The City of Chicago and our local electronic media did the TV stations dare to request the Hudson Family
Murders' 911 tape? How could the Office of Emergency
Management release it? The stations' motivation was simply
a venal, jaded interest in infotainment shock TV, but the OEMC
should surely show more intelligence and compassion than this:

(1) There was NO news or educational value to the tape, which I
heard more than once, so as to be sure of the facts before
placing calls, firing off emails, and blogging HERE....unless

(2) One wants proof that 911 dispatchers are sometimes clearly
not up to the job: this one did NOT respond with alacrity, accuracy
or even human compassion to Julia Hudson Balfour, who I
managed to understand quite clearly, even if the male 911
operator didn't. He asked her what happened after she distinctly
cried out several times about encountering her mother dead on
the floor, blood near her head, etc. This man appeared dazed,
disinterested, drugged. He did NOT say anything calming, focus
redirecting, etc. (That was the suggestion when I called to complain.)

All this left me with a bad taste in my mouth, a far cry from
restaurant takeout. Too bad the TV "deciders" didn't turn
this outrage into an outtake before air time.

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