Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ugly Americans Tax my Patience

Lizzie Velasquez, a young woman suffering from an extremely
rare disease affecting her appearance, is overcoming adversity.
Born with no fat, blind in one eye, severely underweight, she has
been cruelly harassed on YouTube, called "the world's ugliest
woman" and a "monster". But she is wise beyond her years and
her circumstances--she's finishing college in Texas, has written
two books, and is a motivational! Ms. Velasquez is
a wonder, a true inspiration.

--So who's the monster and who's ugly? The posters of that
vicious video attacking such a seemingly vulnerable person
are amoral monsters of insensitivity and cowardice, period.
They even urged her to commit suicide! They are pathetic
bullies without an ounce of kindness in their souls--that is,
if they HAVE souls, a doubtful proposition at best.

Moral disorder is spreading. The Romney campaign, with
its heavy support from Ayn Randites, still spews that tired
old line about how low taxes will spur job creation resulting in
consumer demand--utter nonsense! Banks and many businesses
are sitting on piles of cash RIGHT NOW. The Bush II tax cuts,
in place for over ten years, haven't produced the jobs the super
right claimed they would. Lowering taxes has nothing to do with
what we've been seeing since 2007; taxes have been relatively
low for decades. The 5% want a free hand: Laissez Faire
economics, that's what they hunger for, the rest of us,
serfs serving as their footmen while they ride.

Now an agitator/video maker from California has inflamed
the Muslim world all over again, much like that European
cartoonist who visually lampooned the Prophet. Why would
anyone want to create riots across Islam? Personally, I don't
think Allah countenances such wanton waste, death and
destruction, but free speech is not a free pass
to insult and disparage anyone or their beliefs.

Across the pond economist Niall Ferguson (employed in the U.S.)
yearns for the Raj, the huge empire that was once Great Britain.
(Shouldn't they rename their now tiny island nation simply,
Britain?) I see the world entering another Age of Darkness,
coming to pass while I and my loved ones are still here, despite
the Herculean efforts of some. It is very hard to watch....

Meanwhile, Ugly Americans, stop taxing my patience.


  1. 23 countries are now in riot mode, thanks to Cali idiot N.B.N., who apparently had been legally enjoined to step away from the web before this....

    Meanwhile, as author Kodrescu said so memorably,
    "it's the 12th century at war with the 18th century"--Middle East fundies vs. Western fundies. --Yecchh! None of this crap serves God or Man.

  2. Error, error! The writer spells his name Andrei
    Codrescu, no "K"!