Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pollster Neil Newhouse for Romney: We Can Lie

OK, that was just to get your attention, but he IS asserting
an intention to lie by saying "We're not going to let our
campaign be dictated to by factcheckers." (Hey, I hope they
continue to just say anything, because many will be watching
and parsing the "campaign's" statements, to the Republicans'
detriment.) The First Amendment is silent regarding truth
telling, sadly, except in provable cases of libel/slander.

But I can see what supports the radical right's thinking and
behavior; take the very word "campaign". It was used in
conducting action in warfare long before it made its way into
political lexicon. So this is war, pure and simple, nothing noble
about it, a merely moneyed, well-publicized drive for power,

Let's not have any further blather about "Democracy".
This nation is legally a Republic, not a particularly caring
one, at that, despite some of the kind and caring groups and
individuals who live here, help and contribute. Compassionate
Conservatism? Oh, PLEASE! Please. Most Americans don't
care about strangers, despite all the public propaganda about
our generosity, etc. The proof is in our poorly performing public
schools, our too few police, libraries' shorter schedules, hospital
closings, more.

Meanwhile, Wild West Politics, the current era, rolls on. Let's
all try to keep up to avoid putting into power even more of
those who simply want no bounds on their behavior while
stealing from the public purse. Remember....

They've always known they can lie.

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  1. Wow! That's quite a statement from the Romney camp, railing against "The Dictatorship of the Fact-Checkers". That should make for some mighty juicy campaign fodder for the Democrats.

    Remember the Third Reich's chief propagandist, Josef Goebbels' infamous line about the "Big Lie"? Just keep repeating it over and over, and people will believe it.

    Looks as if the spirit of Herr Goebbels is alive and well in Romneyland.