Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Clash of the Harvard "Titans" for D.C.

....for control of the U.S. and the "Free World". Mitt Romney,
Harvard  MBA and JD, Barack H. Obama, JD. Two lawyers
looking for love,  affirmation, and imposing their own definitions
of "The American Way"  on you, me, and the rest of this hapless
planet...help! Harvard, she hain't  quite whut she usta be, with silly,
surprising policies like letting approximately  125 undergrads
complete their finals as TAKE-HOME EXAMS, according to the
Chicago Sun-Times, August 31st, 2012, Page 22, the middle top
squib. Were Harvard's standards slipping  already, ~20-30
years ago, when Mr. O and the Mittster obtained their prized
degrees? (I'm waiting to hear back from Harvard for
independent verification of such a practice.)

That might explain why both of these Ivory Tower products
have uttered nonsense subsequently (and rightly) pilloried. The
proud possessor of the MBA, though, by daily count, seems to
have outstripped the incumbent by numbers of gaffes/stumbles.
The  Business School itself may have played a role, the subject
of a 1980s best seller, What They Don't Teach You at The Harvard
Business School  by Mark McCormack. I read it back then, only
remember it as a contrast between accepted, elite business
theory vs. what happens on the streets and in the suites, to
steal a phrase from Ralph Nader.

Still, if you wish to vote for someone who isn't THAT far
removed from many Americans' experience, pick Mr. O.
He definitely didn't grow up in a privileged household
with comforting, stable, long-standing roots. But he has,
with encouragement nonetheless, certainly made it in
politics, publishing and the history books...all of which
makes him able to relate, more or less, to just about
anyone, high, low, or in between.

Contrast that with Mitt Romney, who grew up in
Michigan Governor George's moderate republican
home, who has become so wealthy he has only Oligarchy
for a frame of reference. --Clash of the Harvard "Titans":
may the more well-rounded man win.

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