Thursday, March 21, 2013

Narrow Interests Equal Narrow Tolerances: Open up the Magic Door

The more interests a person possesses, the more society and
the individual benefits. Enjoying different forms of music, more
than one kind of literature, more than one sport, more than one
place, leads to appreciating people not exactly like ourselves;
we become richer thereby.

Tolerance is still, even in 2013, a scarce quality. This character
flaw will only disappear with thoughtful exposure to divergent
points of view, people, places and times.

Open the magic door (as seen on a children's show) come
out and environmentally experiment--your life, happiness and
everyone else's does depend on it. 

Open up your mind, your heart, your hands.


  1. Words to live by, Amber --- at least for those of us not named Dick Cheney.

    1. Hey, is that guy still alive? (Jest joshin'....)

    2. Proof that someone really can survive without a heart.