Thursday, July 18, 2013

...But Burke in Chicago Attempts to Hold the Line Separating Guns and Booze

Bravo, Burke! Chicago Alderman Ed Burke is going our
recently passed IL state law one better--no guns in ANY
establishment selling alcohol, PERIOD. No arithmetic required:
no stipulations as to how much food vs. booze sold, nada,
no guns. This makes all kinds of sense: Quite a few terrific
restaurants with bars take many alcohol-only orders, as I
have seen over the years.

Alcohol, for those not in the know, lowers inhibitions, a
bad idea on a good day, as what we must do when dealing
with others (especially offensive idiots) is maintain our cool.
Two or more drinks on, the part of the brain that controls
behavior begins to relax, like the rest of the body--and then,
oh brother, father, sister, mother, we have words; words fail?
Then put up fists or pull out that concealed pistol. -Pow! Now,
how about that?! [Feels good for about 10-30 seconds, after
which reality sets in and you see sealed fates for you and yours,
them and theirs.]

Over the years I've disagreed with Mr. Burke often, but not when
it comes to public safety issues. Alderman Ed served as a
policeman back in the day; he knows whereof he speaks
--experience vs. theory, with him.

Keep holding the line, Mr. Alderman, your concern is well-taken.


  1. I don't understand the logic in defense of concealed-carry either --- regardless of where this practice is allowed or forbidden.

    You paint a grim, but realistic picture with your hypothetical scenario.

    1. Let's hope those of us with such concerns are proven wrong--