Friday, July 26, 2013

There IS NO Right to Sex

--Have you checked  your U.S. Constitution lately?
I  have, and find no reference or mention regarding
any right to sex. That means if someone agrees to
have intercourse with you, it's a gift, not an obligation.
Nobody owes their body to anyone else, and I include
the married as well. Apparently, though, some men
perusing our "highest" document imagine such a right
written in red....

But take a look at what's actually happening here at
home and around the world--rape, groping, assault,
kidnapping (for sexual purposes, not money), forced
"marriage" at a young age, electronic exhibitionism, etc.
This is a mostly male-fueled disgrace, sometimes
supported by certain women to stay on such males'
"good" side. All of this is abhorrent, painfully primitive,
disgusting, embarrassing.

When will all this end, when will respect take
ascendancy over sexual obsession? I predict, not
anytime soon. We are, after all, animals. How easy
is it to overcome those aspects of our identities?
Most of us manage to keep ourselves in check,
but for those who can't--a stiff jail term for the
multiple, heinous offender is in order, preferably
for life or well into old age, which will solve the
problem.(-Biology confers justice at times!)

Memo to men: Take a cold shower, read a book,
call a friend, take a nap, go on a run--do anything
positive to avoid being so uncivilized. We women
will thank you. To the good men out there, do more
than shake your heads with chagrin--take action,
albeit if only by way of more public remarks. Taking
legal recourse, better still.

Memo to both men and women: There is no right to
sex, for you to give OR get it. It is a privilege, a
pleasure and a responsibility--STDs, unwanted children,
bad feelings and jealousy-driven crimes are all
possibilities lurking in the background. Don't be
victimized; don't victimize anyone else.

Know your rights, and those of others.


  1. I totally agree Amber.

    How sad something ( God created I feel for husband and wife has been so twisted)Sex is used to abuse as you stated mostly women.Children and others.

    It is used to seduce, threaten, harass, ( as initiation or punishment in and by evil organizations.)

    I feel in this society that seems to have certain people, organizations, etc set out to CONTROL totally as many people as they can in any way they can SEX is used as a tool to that end.We are in a very SEXUALLIZED, OVER SEXED, IN OVER DRIVE, about to explode in many ways o many levels society. It seems to be getting worse Lady Amber as I am sure you see and feel .

    SEX I feel is deeply spiritual. The SEXUALLIZED spirit of our times I feel is negative, devilishly sensual and evil.We are in times similar to sodom and gomarah in the bible I feel. Only worse and done in a covert teched up manner.

    I feel it is so sad to hear more women are into porrnThe FIRE OF DESIRE! That fire that can manifest as hurt anger DEEP LUST, trashy books, manifesting into a negative life style as many ( Not all of us thank GOD! ) men.

    This is a subject that needs discussing and exposing much more.Communication is the key not the SHHHH quiet mentality and way of life being I feel pushed on many people.

    I notice in the area and other near by towns Lady Amber condoms all over the ground and under viaducts( Even some female condoms) With the current and rising S T D RATE unwanted pregnancies, etc How many people use so called SAFE SEX products? How many do not , use them incorrectly ? Remove them in the HEAT OF PASSION!? The smell ( OR SMELLS ) of sex seem to be in so many places these days.

    I feel ( Not meaning to be vulgar Lady Amber. ) just want to, get it on, get down, get it in, get even, get off!, etc. They do not stop and think! They just do not ( Nor seem to want to ) get it!

    Dear Amber thanks for writing this blog and getting us all out of our comfort zones and thinking again. REAL MEN ! there are a few well maybe more than we know that respect our selves, WOMEN, we do not , have not , nor ever would hurt any woman. We honor, cherish women.

    God bless. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Lester. Unless something truly arresting happens to shock just about everyone into a long-needed awareness, I don't see much societal improvement on the immediate horizon...hope to Almighty God I am wrong, but things do not look good, except for the very rich.

  2. The short term does look grim folks, but sooner or later we'll have to change. As the middle class continues to shrink, who's gonna be left to purchase the goods and services that we consume? Families who are veddy, veddy rich ain't gonna buy 30,000 Cadillacs each.

    In the realm of sex, you know who the most flagrant offenders really are, don't you? The ultra-right-wing anti-women's-choice Repubs ruling states like Texas, North Carolina, and Wisconsin!

    They get their rocks off by mandating vaginal probes. You know they do! Remember too, that in the reddest of the red states, porn really rocks!

    1. You know you're right when it comes to policy here at home; what I was taking on in this post is the world-wide problem of the war between the sexes, which we women have usually lost.

      As a logical and intelligent person, you speak about change as an inevitable necessity, rather than looking at just how crazy so much in this world has become. How I wish things were different! Perhaps they will be, one day.

  3. When women ( I feel Lady Amber ) loose WE ALL do also.When our fellow ( SISTER IN GOD CO CREATION) of God looses We all realize it or not loose.

    Sad how many of us ( THINK WE ARE LITTLE people that really are not ) the ELITE make puppets of many of us to hurt and destroy each other.WITH OUT WOMEN NONE of us would have been born.Just the commander's take on it. Some SOME more seem to be waking up. Not all thank GOD are SHEOPLE.

  4. It is FINE ( NOT JUST OK.) to say ( Mean and enforce ) NO!