Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wild West Country: An Apocalypse of Gun-Fueled "Accidents" Is Near, As Feared...

It's now unanimous--the USA is now 100% Sarah Palin and
Charlton Heston country. The Supreme Court and ALL
50 STATEHOUSES have decreed their warped, self-serving
"understanding" of the Second Amendment into law. Illinois,
even with all the Chicago gun violence/mortality, had stood
alone in avoiding Conceal and Carry...that was something,
at least. By the way, what's the point of hiding one's legal
weapons, exactly? (Keeping them locked up from children's
dangerous curiosity is another, vital, matter.)

From sea to shining sea, we now live in a nation whose
vision has failed, except for the few enlightened among us.
You'll see more death by klutz (bet on it), domestic violence,
road rage and all the rest. Chicago, as the U.S.'s third-largest
city, will be ever-more guns-present intensive. Law-abiding
people should carry, some say. What about the clumsy, the
suddenly roused to anger, the inebriated? They too will be
packing and pulling out their weapons when words fail them.

Perhaps all this gun-loving is meant to assuage all our
finally perceived insecurities. Ever since 911, the paranoid
among us, most particularly those in power, have created a
litany of bad practices and policies. It's as if no one has studied
any world history, no one will/can accept that any nation's world
supremacy eventually fails, therefore its security becomes less sure.

How long did the USA think it could coast on winning
(with Allied help) the past two World Wars? That we
haven't experienced full-on invasions has more to do with
our two friendly neighbors and two oceans north, south,
east and west than the Monroe Doctrine and our
putative might. (As it is, we are "invaded" by Central
Americans via our California, Arizona and Texas borders
each day.)

Viewed from a historical perspective, the United States
is sliding backward, back into the authoritarian, shadowy
stupidity we attempted to escape from in 1776.
--Conservativism? No, rigid, right-wing control. Really,
what that is positive are we "conserving"?

After watching events for 60 years, I'm afraid too,
of the Wild West Country I must call home, of an
apocalypse of gun-fueled "accidents" erupting in Illinois,
my state...

And  in the general lack of moral fiber and good sense
exhibited here, there, everywhere.


  1. Some safeguards do exist with Illinois' new concealed-carry law (CCL). Firearms are specifically prohibited at many venues, including schools and playgrounds, bars, and public transportation.

    But Governor Quinn attempted to veto the new CCL because he didn't believe it was comprehensive enough. He was concerned about limits on home rule jurisdictions to enact tougher laws, lack of limits on ammo rounds, and lack of control over any venue serving alcohol aside from bars --- among other things.

    All that stated, I do share your concern about the nationwide existence of CCLs. The only consolation may be that the Illinois CCL is probably still more restrictive than CCLs in many if not most other states.

    1. Er, Dan, re: guns prohibited in IL bars-- not quite: Guns WILL be allowed in bars that sell food; I've just now looked up the law, HB0183 (Public Act 98-0063). But does everyone who enters a restaurant/bar order food? I say no, because when I enter such an establishment (I order food or non-alcoholic drinks) I observe a mixture of orders, MANY of which are straight bar (alcohol) tabs.