Sunday, December 8, 2013

Albino Murders: Man's Inhumanity to Man

--It is even worse, if possible, than I previously realized,
just a few scant hours ago, when I watched with horror
and some disbelief a PBS program documenting the
obscene practice of murdering Albinos in different
areas of  Tanzania, or short of that, dismembering
Albino adults and children to sell their limbs so that
their fantasies born of desperation, denial and
ignorance become reality:

(1) Magically, my fields will reliably, sustainably produce
(2) Magically, I will be a wildly succesful fisherman
(3) Magically, I will become a millionaire

None of these "success scenarios" involve more informed
practices or greater effort, no, not one. Every one of them
stems from primitive village leaders (essentially, witch
doctors) exploiting their own weaknesses and character
flaws (something for nothing) along with those of their
"subjects", the other villagers. "Nothing" is a bit of
a misstatement--Albino limbs have fetched fantastic
sums such as ~USD$75,000! other words, treating actual human beings as if  they
were "merely" depriving rhinos and elephants of their
miraculous powers by taking only their horns or tusks,
leaving them to die without killing them first.

There is another atavistic aspect to attacks against
Albinos--being considered ghosts and/or devils,
"community" pressure exhorts many parents
to kill their own children immediately after birth,
if Albinism is evident, evil practices again, based
on superstition. When an Albino is dead, buried,
presumed safe from further harm, the grave must
be carefully cemented so as to foil greedy grave

This documentary ends with our two Albino heroes,
both young men, persevering amidst ostracizing,
insults, death threats, attempted kidnapping, more.
Mr. Torner even fulfills a childhood dream, climbing
to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, despite poor eyesight
and other ills sadly concomitant with Albinism.

Looking all this up afterwards was dispiriting--
it seems that there was a spike in the Tanzanian
Albino murder rate early in 2013.  

Man's inhumanity to man! I'll say it yet again,
now and forever: I'm ashamed to be human.

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  1. Thank you DEAR LADY AMBER!

    Lets keep EXPOSING ACTS, AND AXISES OF EVIL like this through out our world !I feel a few more people are waking up in our world.

    Behavior like you mentioned described in the documentary you saw I feel can be and only is A MANIFESTATION of SATANIC BELIEFS AND PRINCIPALS, Brain washed tactics, TWISTED THINKING! An innocent baby I feel is not born WITH MURDER in their heart. I feel we all have ADAM AND EVE'S sin nature BUT EVIL ACTS LIKE THIS, like HITLER, slave traders committed is INDOCTRINATED I feel..

    A M A P stay warm , safe , and have a great day Lady Amber!. Be and stay strong and never give up.