Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rise of the Republican Moderates--Finally!

I'm sitting here about to break my arm in self-congratulatory
solitary schtick predicted...

Moderate republicans DO exist, now hear them roar!

U.S. House Leader Boehner (12/11/'13) has finally, publicly,
called radical right extremists "ridiculous", which is as apt a
derogatory term as any.  He was concentrating his ire on those
think tank-style outside groups which up to now have so cowed
and harmfully influenced most of the Republican Party, and
by extension, everyone else. (Grover Norquist, I TOLD
you your power would ebb....)

More and more, every day, most everyone , including main
stream republicans, sees that these extreme right-wingers
are only out for themselves, pursuing/pushing for the shield of
law to protect them and theirs while damning all the rest of us.
Few LIKE paying taxes, but taxation is the principal method
of generating good for an entire community; fire and police
departments, libraries, schools and hospitals come to mind.
These wingnuts fail to realize that if they got their way, harm
would reach even the richest of them. ( A biology and/or
sociology lecture is not forthcoming here, lucky reader! You
can jolly well conduct your own research for the implications.)

Most of the time, under normal circumstances, let concerned
centrists rule. Let it be understood that all have rights: rich,
poor, and those in between. Let no one take unjust advantage
of another...

Let's celebrate the rise of the republican moderates.
I knew it had to happen.



  1. Jesse Ventura , Alex Jones and many others have a lot to say NEGATIVELY on our TWO PARTY so called system here. I totally agree with them.

    Then agaen if more were added that BEHIND the scenes were in accord for each other NOT WE THE PEOPLE, would a ten party system really make a difference? A chocolate cake, a red velvet cake, a lemon cake, a cake with a lady in it or a twinkey IF IT IS ROTTEN A CAKE OF ANY FLAVOR that is rotten is no good for any one. Same I feel for Politicians.

    Nice blog Lady A as usual!

    1. Blogspot has removed my follower buttons, sometime between 12/16 and 12/17. It's happened before; usually the buttons just "magically" reappear a few days later. Happy Holidays anyway!

  2. Thank you Lady Amber.

    Probably you are writing too much logic and truth and some one can not take it. LOL. Things disappear of mine too. I just put them right back again.

  3. A scheme is NOT a plan. Moderated rhetoric is an election cycle, say anything, ploy; coldly calculated and timed. Bohner is the prime example of the empty gesture. The rethugs know they have the gerry-mandered house majority locked up. They have their sights set on 2016.
    If they tried to run on their record? How? This moderation ploy might fool enough of the people for just long enough?

    The progressive voice is still discordant because of the dominant right wing/centrist harmonics. That must change or we remain on this devastating wingnut track.

    1. Howdy, stranger! My (mostly) centrist views are probably a predictable function of age, 68 and counting. There are horrible injustices in every nation, even ours, which is no City on a Hill, forget St. Augustine and Ronald Reagan on that one.
      What if we had a society that really respected everyone's rights, rich, poor and in between, and crossed class barriers often in caring, cooperation, commiseration, community? We'd still have floods and volcanoes, but so much less of the repetitive, human-caused suffering and drek...just one old bag's opinion. In spite of it all, my holiday best to you and yours!

    2. Stranger in a strange land. My mostly cynical views are absolutely a function of age. The center has not held. It has moved inexorably to the right for the last half century through myopic manipulations and superior firepower. (read: $$$)

      For all practical purpose, there is no center if that center is unwilling to stake its ground and maintain it. In our steady rightward track, the center has split the difference and set up camp; pretending its still the middle.

      Proof? Look how we've decoupled our issues and how those issues are, disingenuosly, presented/represented in our daily information diet. There was a time when the stock market was a leading indicator of our productivity/ economic health. That decoupling was fueled by the equity of our commonweal. Wealth was not created, it was transferred. The silent center shrugged and accepted the prosperity gospel, because their comfort and convenience wasn't initially at risk.

      Our most recent discomforts are the predictable result of greed; insatiable. The center shrugs and accepts with only minor trepidations. "Whachoo gonna do?"

      But hey, lets forget about it and celebrate the holidays?


    3. How about NOT forgetting the injustices, doing what one can, while STILL enjoying our loved ones, as we are lucky to have them?