Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More Than One Thing Ails Colorado

Murder/suicide spectacularly strikes again (12/2013)
in Colorado. This makes at least three incidents in
just the past few years, no? There is a personality
profile here--the perpetrator is young, disaffected,
with access to guns. I'll wager parental supervision/
guidance is absent or lacking in any kind of efficacy
leading to an intelligent, civilized existence.

I've said it before: largely to blame is our national
myth/hype/ethos that anyone can achieve the "top",
be it the presidency, wealth, fame, talent, expertise,
scientific discovery, or even a ride into outer space.
The common expectation here in the USA is just
plumb unreal, really ridiculous. --Disagree? Just
watch those "reality" shows where anyone can get
on to sing, dance, etc. Do all these contenders win?
--Can they?  Come on.

When some unstable unfortunate begins to understand
he/she will never have their name lit up in lights,
dangerous turns occur in that mind, and Littleton,
Colorado-type tragedies are the result...(now, media,
recognize THIS!)

We must achieve equal rights, respect and education
under the law; many laws are better than they were,
but just as many should be stricken from the books,
while the good (just) ones MUST be promoted and
properly prosecuted, period. The mythologizing of
"anybody is capable of every sort of excellence"
must end as well.
Some sing better than others; some are more
beautiful than others; some have better characters
than others; some have tech skills others can only
read about; some are wordsmiths, others possess
only adequate writing abilities; some can discover
useful drugs like penicillin, others must perform their
lesser scientific skills at a lower level, part of a team.

That realization should be enough to cross those
class lines back and forth more often, to commiserate,
communicate, participate, and improve everyone's
lot...respect and caring, where are they?  Good
people exist everywhere, but there doesn't seem
to be a significantly large enough number to effect
the just civilization I've been waiting for.

More than one thing is wrong with Colorado--their
political philosophy married to a love affair
with guns, underscored by our national myth,
shares some responsibility.

Does anybody dare tell the truth here, does
anybody actually dare to fix it?


  1. Lady Amber. The temptations recorded a popular song in the early nineteen seventies I recall titled ( BALL OF CONFUSION. ) Sad to say our nation, world, in in many peoples lives and spirit there is a big BALL OF CONFUSION! Also, ANGER, RAGE, no fucus, no purpose ,no self respect or respect for others,NO MORALS, NO FAMILY values, OCcult lifestyles, etc.

    I in the past in my life had people in an area I used to live and close to me ( I KNEW NOT what was in their mind and spirit ) They were angry, sad, confused, suicidal and would not have minded taking others ME included with them, Thank GOD they failed in their attempts.

    The following is not cool Fonzie would hate this. It is politically wrong , GOD AND THE TRADITIONAL values that more each second are pulled from societies all over the world I feel is the answer. Also for more to admit their is a problem and MAKE an effort to solve them.

    God bless you and the readers here Lady Amber. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    1. Merry Christmas, Lester! May 2014 be a better year for you and yours, and for the world. Best Wishes!

  2. Thank you Amber. God help us all to appreciate and or deal with what 2014 brings.