Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lowering Illinois' Minimum Wage: Bruce Rauner Has Just Lost the General Election

01/08/2014: Bruce Rauner proposes lowering Illinois' minimum
wage by a dollar an hour.  Wow, what an absolutely cloistered
environment Mr. Rauner, the conservative Republican candidate
for Illinois governor, must have had-- he apparently has scant
appreciation for Illinois' current and past political OR
demographic reality.

Just the facts, as "Officer Joe Friday" would have them:

(1) Most of Illinois is made up of the middle class and the
(2) Which not coincidentally explains why, statewide, most
of the votes go to DEMOCRATS. The Illinois State Senate
and Illinois House of  Representatives are run by democrats;
oh, our governor is also a democrat. Such long-standing facts
creating political behavior and philosophy should be
obvious even to Rauner. (Our republican governors have
been more moderate than right-ruling, this now-failed
candidate should recall.)

Hey Bruce, businesses are all fleeing the state--NOT.
Our Illinois income tax, even though it's increased in recent
years, is still smaller than some of the other, larger, more
important states. (If, for example,  Arkansas or Nebraska
feels slighted here, I can't care--Illinois has major universities,
businesses and cultural institutions which are only equaled or
excelled by New York, California and Massachusetts 
--other states are excellent, but not in the same way, sorry.)

Here's the way to get rid of you, all by perfectly
legal due process. We can:

Take a Republican Primary Ballot in March. Vote for
either of the other two repubs on the ballot. Then vote
as we please, November 2014, in the general election.

"Generally" speaking, this rich reality-challenged guy
will be a loser!


  1. --What a difference a day makes! SOMEONE in Brucie's inner sanctum must have pointed out exactly how facile Rauner's "inequality problem's solution" is--and the spin is on! Viz., he didn'a actually MEAN it, he was joking, etc., eerily reminiscent of the Romney gaffe, which was, like Rauner's, made to a small crowd of the "like-minded". Hmmn. Perhaps main-stream, sane Republicans should forbid their colleagues with surnames beginning with R from running for top toff...oh yes, "R"--as in run away now.

  2. Lady Amber. It is ironic. It is said ( Excuse me I must use what I consider to be a BAD WORD. MINORITY ) The MINORITY NEVER RULES! Well THE MINORITY ( OR MINORORITY AS A BUNKER OF ALL IN THE FAMILY WOULD SAY) RICH minoruty RULES ALL OVER OUR WORLD. Other people with MINORITY views , etc seem to be top dogs or over cats inour world!

    WELL MY HEAD IS SPINNING! I am out of here I am calling my chauffer, getting on the concord my wife and I ( THE ONE PEOPLE OFF AND ON SEEM TO SAY OR THINK I have though I am A STRAIGHT, HOPEFUL BACHELOR) I will go to ONE OF MY WINTER RETREATS! You know THE ONE THE MITTEN MAN MITT ROMNEY SAID WE ALL HAVE and escape for a while.Call a nurse or Doctor too FOR ILL ILLINOIS, QUICK! DOMOCRATS, REPUBS, DEMOGOGS, DEOMNS WATCH THEM ALL As Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura would say.Oh Lady Amber please be a doll and let me barrow your rolls, mine is in the shop?


  4. Bruce, leave George alone! Would-be gov Bruce Rauner is styling himself after George Washington, whose character and style FAR outclass anything Brucie is known to have felt, thought and accomplished. How can a hedge fund millionaire boast of objectivity, impartiality and firm character, when hedge funds are almost COMPLETELY unregulated. Dear readers, we'd be wealthy too if we could do exactly as we please...PLEASE!

  5. I realize that your proposal suggested that the state GOP avoid slating candidates whose names begin with "R" was meant to be a joke. Small point here, but Rauner has three primary opponents; one of them is state treasurer Dan Rutherford.

    Trivia aside, I guess there's an outside chance that Rauner really could buy himself a primary victory. Pat Quinn may have his warts, but I still believe that he'd survive a head-to-head with Rauner. Big R has the bucks to finance a major ad blitz, but he's making a fool of himself. The ads I've seen feature a visceral attack on unions, teachers included. In my view anyway, he comes across the screen as hateful and shrill.

    Regarding your intention to select a GOP ballot for the primary, I understand your logic. There's nothing moderate about Bill Brady, who faced Quinn in 2010 --- especially in regard to "family values" issues. (There's another, more moderate, GOP pol named Pat Brady). But Kirk Dillard may be anti-choice as well, not sure though. Don't know about Rutherford.

    1. You ar correct, if plumb forgot about Rutherford, my mistake. Overall I like Dillard, he DOES work across the aisle and at least gives opposing views consideration.

      Brucie IS shrill, hateful, and just plain stupid. I agree Quinn would take him in the general, but I don't even want to see B do well in a
      republican primary.

    2. --Argghh! TWO errors in first sentence: "are" and "I" were wanted there. The older I get, the worse my typing becomes....