Monday, January 6, 2014

O Canada! But Here's Where I Stop Singing

Wasting entirely too much time fantasizing about "escapes"
(moving to "better" places), I've often thought of relocating
to Toronto. Many have praised it for its cosmopolitan,
cultural aspects,  attractive architecture, and, while a
bustling metropolis, it's  not overly populated by homo

Until the inevitable recurring reality (people are much the
same everywhere) hit home: how great a city can Toronto
be, if it elected that huge, incompetent embarrassment also
known as Rob Ford as its mayor? The average Torontan
(-?) therefore is seemingly not blessed by overaverage
political acumen/analytical skill sets.
Mr. Ford's ego and psychosocial deficits are far larger than
his waistline. Consider: He has been stripped of most of his
power by his town council; he knocked a woman down in the
council chamber while rushing  to administer "altercation aid"
to his brother; he has admitted to substance abuse; he claims
to be "the best mayor Toronto has ever had". There are more
troubling actions by Mayor Ford, too many; these will suffice.

--But wait-- He is ACTUALLY RUNNING for
reelection! --Whoa. Toronto, just say no!

I still love what I know about Canada, the vast miles
of unspoiled natural beauty, a much smaller population
than ours, seemingly fewer major scandals.

Regarding Mayor Rob Ford, however:
O Canada! Here's where I stop singing.


  1. Dear Lady Amber. Nothing wrong with fantasizing. This weather makes one fantasize a lot. UH ABOUT BEING in a warmer place that is.....

    My parents when they were first married considered moving to Detroit and two other places I will not name. THANK GOD they did not. Would hate to be in those hell holes on earth!!

    Canada has it;s advantages. Ihave never been there yet. I like canadian geese. I love baked goose. I have a goose down coat. Have female friends from canada. Oh Canada. They may have drones there now too.

    Stay safe and warm Lady Amber.

    1. Lester, you are a card! Your sense of humor is great. Have a fine and safe year, buddy.