Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Silver-Tongued Sterling" Can't Wriggle Out of His Racist Rant

The racist billionaire can't get over and beyond that
dreadful tape by begging off with responses about
"mistakes", self-aggrandizing, seeking sympathy
 claims of "being set up", etc.

To me, it's so simple: his mistress, being a mixed
ancestry person herself, felt outrage and disgust at his
remarks and vowed to publicly punish him...why not?
She probably had other reasons to excoriate him as
well,  his querulous, racist directive to her giving her
the perfect means, he hoisting himself on his own

First and foremost, their adultery is still wrong,
legally and in the Ten Commandments upon which
our legal system is based. She should have held
a quarter between her knees and kept her lips
sealed until "Sterling" (-such an ironic name!)
proffered copies of his divorce papers to her.

He, of oft' entitled character/personality many
billionaires possess (Not Gates, Buffet and
Turner, though, thankfully) thought he was
graced with beauty and vigor due  his dollars-
but nooo! He is a rather plain old man, all in
all, no powers of articulation, logic, reason or
humanity,  his subsequent comments merely
reinforcing that damning tape.

We should all understand that high-stakes
professional sports are a business, yet
remember too NO ONE wants to be thought
of as a mere soulless, unentitled commodity,
clearly a value/view shared by both Boko Haram
AND Sterling: Black children and civilians in
BH's case, black NBA basketball players,
a majority of the NBA, merely money-
making "properties" for Sterling.

So where's that "post racial" society some
writers extolled we'd reached back in 2008?
It never existed, even with more and better
civil rights legal protections (1964 and 1965)
here in the U.S. Until the entire human race evolves,
expect "tribalism" ( i.e., my people are more worthy
than your people) to publicly rear its ugly head
from time to time.

I  pray to God that the scales of bigotry fall from
BH and Sterling; souls are hanging in  the balance,
theirs and their victims as well.


  1. Very well stated Lady Amber!

    I wonder, How many people have DEEP spiritual as well as emotional FORMS OF HATE deep with in their souls? RACISTS, SEXISTS, People that hate certain classes of people, etc, etc ARE IN SECRET?

    I once read a book( Oh the commander has and does read , books , audio books etc, I find we must experience several sources to get the truth ) The author stated some thing like this ( Some people are like OLD UN EXPLODED BOMBS! They are very volATILE , THEIR DANGER IS MAGNIFIED FOR THEY ARE BLENDED IN TO SOCIETY)VERY DANGE.

    A DECEITFUL mistress exposed THIS DONALD! How many more HATEFUL PEOPLE like him or worse are in our world? IN EVERY WALK OF LIFE? FRIGHTENING!

    Have a great day.

  2. Take care, Lester! I knew you read because of your comments over time. Best Wishes!

  3. As awful as his attitude is, I believe that Donald "The OTHER Donald" Sterling is an anarchronism. Sure, there are no doubt some younger folks who share his venomous perspectives, but in fewer numbers. We're not, by any stretch of the imagination a "post-racial society", but there's been progress. Still a looong way to go, however. Boko Haram is worrisome. I've watched that video featuring BH's armed-to-the-teeth leader, Abubakhar Shekau. He seems to be a sociopath. Here's hoping that the Nigerian schoolgirls are found and freed.

  4. Yes! Lets pray The Nigerian girls are freed and back home and safe again soon!

    The number of increasing ( It seems to me) SOCIOPATHS in our world is frightening.

    Donald Sterling I feel is racist, and has dementia . So sad!