Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Unpatriotic Americans: Our Many Rich and Credit Suisse

CBS Radio today (05/20/2014) revealed that Switzerland still
allows many thousands of rich "Americans" to evade U.S.
taxes by sheltering their money in numbered, secret accounts,
the same, decades-old technique--this in spite of stern warnings
from our government to both our citizens and the Swiss. How
patriotic is that?? I call it idiotic, self-serving, and...

Unamerican. Yep, y'all who made your fortunes here as you
could not anywhere else, YOU ARE unamerican if you didn't
pay your taxes. You have avoided your responsibilities
as American citizens in good standing. You aren't supporting
our military, police, schools, firefighters, many of them already
having given their lives caring for country and countrymen.
You lack a simple, but telling attribute, caring. You don't
give a $$$$ about anyone but yourselves--and the
helpless among us?--Fuggeddaboudit.

"Let's declare war on Switzerland!" Just when I was
turning darkly humorous, Credit Suisse has partially
redeemed itself by pleading guilty to this felony
of harboring our tax cheats, the bank and our
white collar criminals further enriching themselves
thereby...more confessions to follow, perhaps?

Memo to the darkly busy super rich who don't
pull their weight: You are definitely contributing to
the downfall of the United States. That IS unpatriotic.
--Thought processes haven't taken you that far?
Think it through, then do the right thing. I don't
believe Buffet, Gates and Turner act this way,
yet they still have plenty of dough to play with.
But then these gentlemen have demonstrated, over
and over, that they are caring human beings.

The next time you pledge your allegiance to these
United States, or attend Fourth of July celebrations,
ask yourself just where your true allegiance lies.

In the meantime, you are unpatriotic Americans.

                               Post Script:
Good golly, call Miss Molly!  New York State's hard-
charging banking regulator, Benjamin M. Lawsky,
obviously took his legal career cue from his very name...
fascinating, no?  


  1. WELL STATED Lady Amber.

    For years now when I drink so called SWISS cocoa. I no longer think of the pert cute lovely ladies that they used to have on the package. I think of many TAKING THEIR LOOT to their SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS. Long before SLAVERY days I feel SWITZERLAND mucty mucks have been doing these naughty , sneaky money shananigans.

    Oh Lady Amber. Imagine if well ALL THE INDIVIDUALS AND COMPANY that SLIP money to SWITZERLAND were exposed. WELL. MY MY MY! I heard that this morning on cbs radio..It is nice to hear some truth from the main stream media. ON BIG BEN aka BENJI I will just say WOW! COW-UH- BUNGAH DUDE!! Have a lovely day Lady Amber. So nice out today.

  2. The obscene lust for tax shelters, both individual and corporate is best described as morally bankrupt as well as un-American as you've well stated. Every so often, I read something about the focus on corporate ethics as part of the curriculum at prominent business schools. Yet among many corporations and individuals, such ethical values somehow went such. There are, of course, notable exceptions such as Mr. Buffett, as well as Jim Madrigal, the CEO of Costco, a.k.a., "The Un-Walmart".

  3. Oops! I just discovered a major typo in my last response. I meant to state, "Yet among many corporations and individuals, such ethical values somehow went SOUTH."

  4. I beleive many Americam;s would be shocked and have chest pains in their toes to discoevr how man INDIVIDUALS WELL HEALED and corporations have SHHH secret many and other dealings in Switzerland.

    When many say they are going to THE OLD COUNTRY LOL well. You all get the message.