Monday, May 5, 2014

Good Luck, Jonathon: Patience Has Nothing to Do With It

The recent kidnapping of about 270 Nigerian girls by Islamist
extremist Boko Haram is an irony underscored by an event three
days this week, the World Economic Forum, to be held right
there in Nigeria's capital. Boko Haram's leader has bragged that
Allah encourages selling to the marketplace, therefore, he will sell
the girls into forced marriage...ah. So young Nigerian girls are a
mere commodity, not an oddity or a scarcity, sadly, in our insane,
injustice-weary world; what perfect timing! Maybe market-driven
extremists at the forum can haggle over prices for the different
girls, ruinously reminiscent of our country's former slave markets.

Sarcasm aside, even with short notice, can't the toffs attending
this conference reschedule their meeting? Boycott Nigeria
altogether and meet anywhere else BUT.

President Jonathon, does anyone believe your PR claims that
you have teams out assiduously searching for the girls? As to
patience, few of us interested in human rights and justice have
any with all of this. Silence wife Patience; she should have nothing
to do with the presumably ongoing investigation. Can Nigeria's
First Lady legally order arrests of protesters?  Nigeria is now
a mirthless joke,  finally, I have to believe.

Good luck, Jonathon. Seriously, get to work and mobilize
many men to root out these insane (and blasphemous, by
the way) Boko Haram kidnappers, stiff sentencing applied
at the minimum.


The WEF meeting  is a vast undertaking, with big shots from
all over Africa and China in attendance; there was no hope of
cancellation. The irony will have to stand...but attendees
at the 2014 WEF in Nigeria HAVE made strong stands in
statements about the ~270 girls, while Boko Haram has
killed several hundred people in the last few days.
President Obama is right: Darkness in the human heart has
yet to be extinguished.

P.S.: Readers can comment here, but I can't do so
on this browser; I can reply using a different one.
Dan and Mr. Lester, looking forward to your thoughts.


  1. I'm still having problems with my comment function; I'll work on it. Keep trying: if you can comment, that means it's my pc, not blogspot. Thanks!

  2. Still being bedeviled by my comment function. AARRGH!

  3. I am surprised ALL aspects of our blogs are not broken OR BLOCKED. few Lady Amber want the truth or to experience others opinions..

  4. It's a heart-rending issue for sure. It does appear as if Goodluck Jonathan is now taking at least minimal action in reponse to international pressure.

    Incidentally, George Will is acting like a real jerk, having done a super-snark job on Michelle Obama: jusbecause she posed with a sign reading "Bring Back Our Girls". Hey, the First Lady did manage to gain attention by getting folks to focus.