Monday, June 23, 2014

A Better Law: No Tax Exempt Status for Any Political Group

Make it universal, with no exceptions: then there
will be no easy opportunity for corruption, cheating,
BOLOs, etcetera. Why should any political
organization avoid paying taxes?  Whether we
mean the RNC, the DNC, the Socialists,
Public Citizen, the Tea Party (or any of many
offshoots), if you receive income, PAY
YOUR DAMN TAXES like everyone else
(except the Kochs and their fellow travelers)!

There are many "500" exempt categories in the
IRS list. Political groups enjoy tax-exempt protection
from "527", which category should be eliminated.
Only the destitute and ACTUAL charities deserve
designations denying tax-taking.

There are at least six 501 (c)s --we read and hear
about 501 (c) 3s far more than any of the others,
with their slightly different requirements. I'm aware
of fast and loose compliance problems in these
organizations. Several years ago the Sierra Club,
a 501 (c) 4, was quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times
backing a particular political candidate, illegal according
to the IRS. I called the Club and the Times; neither
wanted to admit error or culpability to me,
even though I had the relevant IRS restrictions/
requirements at right in hand.

--Do anything! --Say anything! --All for me and mine,
Let's grab great fistfuls of swag and hoard any monies
we've got now that we are demonstrably (and officially)
living la vida loca, the chaos of Back to the Wild West
in every aspect of public and private life.

Dear reader, don't counter with the objection that
good people still exist, I know that. However, not
enough of  them are cannily mitigating/militating
against every recent loss of progress, beginning
with the overturning of Glass-Steagall (1999),
which was (and is) one of the causative four legs
supporting the stool of the Great Recession, 2007
and counting. Voting rights, women's rights,
personal property rights, privacy rights, more,
are being seriously chipped away in favor of the rich
and powerful, which sets up an ever-increasing
drive toward BECOMING rich and powerful,
in fear of being marginalized or left out; hang
the moral hazards or harm to innocent others...
or the nation.

But time and treasure are being wasted on this
IRS, BOLO business with Lois Lerner, the U.S. House,
et al. Don't we still have an untenable debt? Aren't
we being laughed at all around the world for our
weakness while we're shouting about a U.S.
"exceptionalism" which is no longer what it was?
(-Reminiscent of post-Napoleonic France's
posturing as THE preeminent world power.)

Rue it, everybody--then get down to work,
time and treasure intensive though THAT is, too.
Change the tax laws across the USA; no tax
exempt status for ANY political group, period.
Now THERE'S some mighty, moral "exceptionalism".

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  1. HERE HERE! I totally Agree Dear Lady Amber! All you suggest will most likely not happen any time soon because IT MAKES TOO MUCH SINCE.

    Interesting what Former Minnesota Governor, and others say about the IRS and federal taxes..

    Thank you and have a lovely day!